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on: April 21, 2019, 02:19:32 AM
Denizens of Ticker Square,

This day, the Merchant's Guild of Ticker Square casted its vote on the following Matter: Should the Merchant's Guild grant protection and the freedom of trade in Ticker Square to the Rakshasa, Ib'javi the Unbound?

With a vote of 11 Ayes to 10 Nays, the Ayes have it.

The procedure was as follows: the Guildmasters spoke first, opining their stance on the Matter; the Guildmembers spoke next, opining their individual stance on the Matter, casting their votes thereafter; before, in conclusion, were the votes counted by the Stonebuilders and announced. By the traditions of the Merchant's Guild, the votes themselves are cast in the form of a secret balloy by way of the insertion of a single Groat into the chest of their choice, with two chests, each corresponding to Aye or Nay.

Hereafter are the transcripts of the individual speeches, recorded for posterity and with as much fidelity to accuracy as reasonably possible.

Opening speech by Guild Secretary Ramus Bhesk of the Merchants Guild:

Quote from: Guild Secretary Ramus Bhesk of the Merchants Guild
Many years ago, when the clasp of the Lords was still firm over this place, there came about a discussion amongst those who will come to be your Guildmasters of Ticker Square: for, even then, the Square was still a splendid centre of wealth, and the Guilds were still relied upon to keep it that way.

Our fellows pondered among themselves why, precisely, the Peerage should take so much of their hard earned wealth. And they posited that perhaps this practice should cease.

But they were uncertain, and, sooner than risk their fellowship to petty infighting, they decided it would be past to put the matter to a vote.

And so that night, as they left the tavern where they met, they each took a single groat.

[He fishes out an ornamental gold coin, holding it up to the crowd.]

And they put it within one of two hats sat beside the door.

This way, nobody would know who wished to leave and who to stay; none had need to fear of traitors bringing the Lords to their door.

And sure enough, when the night was over, every Guildmaster had voted for freedom. For a Ticker Square that could stand tall and proud, alone.

And so today, when there is another question too great and ponderous to answer alone, we bring back the old tradition.

And, thanks to that brave choice, we do not need dingy taverns or tattered hats.

We can take those actions right here, in our very own Chamber of Commerce.

But, I have spoken enough: All I can hope is that you realise just how precious this freedom is. Thank you, citizens, friends. The Guildmasters will speak now.

Speeches by the Guildmasters of the Merchant's Guild (or their designated representatives):

Quote from: Guildmaster Oscar Tchammorar
Ticker Square is a place of opportunity. A place for those bold enough to seize what they can, through their own strength and ingenuity.

Do not mire us down in pointless morals, in petty codes and foibles. You only dim the very spirit that makes this place burn bright.

I say to you, Ticker Square; take everything you can, with outstretched and hungry palm. All that you have fought and struggled and bled for; it is yours, by right.

That is power. Anything less is cowardice.

[He sits, glowering out over the crowd, and brings his wine to his lips.]

Quote from: Valentina Webber, speaking on behalf of Guildmistress Walda Webber
Hrm. Thank you, Mr. Tchammorar.

I will speak to you, Ticker Square, of the future.

The future of this place, of our home; the place my mother brought me up, which has nurtured and profited each and every one of us in this room, whether we live here or not.

It is through prudence, and cunning, and careful deals that we have made it; not through blind acquisition, not through uneven deals.

When we open our doors to Ib'javi, a creature who sees us as nothing more than pawns, who would just as easily kill us if she could not profit from us; we weaken ourselves.

They tell you the creature will be content with mere merchanting, they tell you it will not interfere in our politics; but what do we know of it? I see only blind greed, and I question any promise it makes to limit such.

And so I look to our future, and I say No, my friends; because the safety of our children; the safety of our very home; comes first.

Thank you.

Quote from: Guildmistress Priscilla Klink
Oh. [She finished busily scribbling, and looks up.]

One of my employees will be speaking on my behalf. You all know her better than you know me.
Quote from: Selena Sandrue, speaking on behalf of Guildmistress Priscilla Klink
[She drinks a Potion of Bravery.]

The, uh, Rumour Mill, and its Guildmistress, is of the stance that, er, well, Ticker Square has had always been...

[Glances down at her notes. Glances back up again.]

Welcoming of, erm, extraplanar visitors, entities, merchants, who come to us in peace, to trade, and to deal with their wares, for honest Groats honestly earned. This policy has been, uh, about, for a while, and it would be... perhaps, hasty and misconstrued, a way of...

/Reformulating/ the policy entirely because of one Rakshasa, and, uh.

If Ticker Square should reconsider its welcome of extraplanar merchants, and the likes, then, well, it should do so as a broad, overall... debate, that is not entirely focused upon... [A subtle wince, and a pained look over her shoulders Klink's way. Pauses. Continues.] ... one, single, incidence which provokes... the question.

Therefore, it would be lawful and appropriate to, rather than frenetically and wildly oscillating our stance on the issue of extraplanar entities, permit the Rakshasa's entrance to trade so long as it abides and adheres to the traditions and policies that the default, status quo have always maintained.

Until, well, the Guild decides to otherwise change it altogether, in an informed debate that holistically, er, considers the entire issue above and beyond that of, uh, well, a Rakshasa. Yes.

Quote from: Guildmaster Khur Uld
[He stands, and clears his throat from a hacking cough. Then, he rests one hand upon the stack of cheese beside himself.]

Uld votes yes.

[And with that, he sinks back down into his chair.]

Quote from: Guildmaster Silas Sparrowbroth
You know me. Each and every one of you. You've seen my face every time you come into town. I've heard your woes, served your drinks, recommended the best place in town for a good show.

You wish to know what I think on this matter?

Why risk it!

For what, a couple groats, some fancy planar wares?

Is that worth our security? Our integrity?

I stand against Ib'javi. I stand against loose profiteering.

We have a duty to our people. I intend to uphold that.

Thank you, my fellows.

Speech by Ib'javi the Unbound:

Quote from: Guild Secretary Ramus Bhesk of the Merchants Guild
Now we will hear from Ib'javi herself. Please do not be alarmed; we have ensured everything is safe.
Quote from: Ib'javi the Unbound
[It appears in a sudden burst of flame.]

Hello, mortals.

I have heard my offer has stirred up quite the fuss.

So many of you grasp at your books of fairytales and point in terror at the great-mawed Demons staring forth, threatening the children to behave...

So many of you cling to the paranoid superstitions of preachers, fearful of what you do not know...

But I am not a villain in your stories, Mortals. I am not the great and sinister evil you tremble in fear of.

I am a creature of a land strange to you. Nothing more. And a creature that comes bearing the toil of its magical crafts...

Weapons to bring great destruction upon the beasts that threaten you. Armours to ward off the real evils that lurk below and deeper into the Rings.

I can be your greatest ally, mortals; if only you have the coins to purchase my services.

Would you turn away such power over fear? Over zealotry? Over cowardice?

Would you deny yourself the wonders I can offer?

The choice is yours, mortals... But I only come once. Squander this at your own peril.

[It begins an incantation, and vanishes.]

Speeches by Guildmembers of the Merchant's Guild:

Quote from: Ted Shopkeepson
I shall be brief.

I won't lecture you all on right and wrong.

I shall tell you only how this matters to YOU, to YOUR pocket and most of all to YOUR safety.

Frank the Portal Priest was murdered in our very home for his opposition to this fiend.  Vast fortunes of gold in bribes have been exchanged to try to bring a fiend here.  Why.  Why do those in favor care SO much to bring this ONE creature?  Because they believe that THEY shall profit.....

A tiger-fiend is no tame kitten.  I SAW its den, a LAKE of fire filled with the whailing of DAMNED souls.  If this fiend is brought here, YOU shall be the next damned soul it claims.  This thing is a danger to EACH of us, as it suberts us, SLOWLY, ONE at a time.  Until there is none left to oppose it.

I stand for the common folk of Tickertown and I hope you, the lesser traders and craftsmen will remember that this is not about just your gold, it is about your safety and our future.  Commercia bless, good day.

Quote from: Royland Wayne Blacks
'Ho there Ticker!

Y'know what Blacks says!? Ticker, Not Tyranny! Trade NOT BLOCKADE!  Any Honest Ticker knows wha' I know... that's a DEAL. Let's not turn away from an honest DEAL! We all git more! An' if this passes tonight - FREE DRINKS ON ME at the OPEN DOOR! Bless you for such an establishment... Sparrowbroth. Let's not listen to fearmongerin' 'eh!?

Yappin' an' yappin' ! I'm done! Ticker not tyranny, TRADE NOT BLOCKADE!

Quote from: Laura Bucklebeak
Welcome Guild Members, I lam Laura Bucklebeak, I am in favor of Ib'javi. The heart of our community and the heart of Ticker Square rests in the exchange of goods and services. We heard the tale of the Peerage tyranny; as they turned away Hinfolk, we accepted them. As the Peerage turned away elves, we loved them. We- ACCEPTED them and not to our detriment.

But to our bounty.

Ib'javi rests where once we stood. Planar trade represents us all.

To all the naysayers, it is as clear to be as clairvoyant, that our newfound wealth will cull their anger into submission- and to the Arbiters; Fie upon Tyrants.

Ticker, not Tyranny.

Quote from: Yousef Al-Hubri
"What.  Is.  A.  Cat?"

[He pulls out some crumpled paper.]

The dictionary says:  [Reads from the crumpled paper.]  "It is a small domesticated carnivorous mammal with soft fur, a short snout, and retractable claws. It is widely kept as a pet or for catching mice, and many breeds have been developed."

And... [He pads his brow.] That's why I'm voting "Yes" to Ib'Jiminy.

Quote from: Tenilue Saefril
Hearken, oh people of whom the Clocktower no longer ticks. This is the moment upon which wisdom may yet prevail. For all the stories of our ancestors caution us against dealing with the likes of Ibjavi. Vote for what is right, vote for your immortal soul...

But- [She raises her finger, emphasizing there is more and speaking in a chiding manner.] - But for those who cannot learn by word alone, and must be free to make their own mistakes in their youth, I will be here to tell you I told you so, as I grudgingly tend what your choices have wrought. But I will stand by you, For we are all of Ticker Town.

Quote from: Beodda Aethwin
Before I begin, allow me to thank the most lovely ladies of this room, most notably the delightful eminence of the great Guildmistress Valentina Webber. I could only hope to have a dozen daughters in equal to your radiance.

I am Beodda, called once the Aegis of Ticker Square. Today, we here decide the soul of Ticker Square. The burden of history rests upon our shoulders. What will the books say of us?

Master of Cheese, in my Company I have had two brave and noble dwarf warriors. Grimgor and Gorn. And they hast taught me much, and I have learned much myself. I call upon you, to remember your ancestors. Recall the glory of Bomor of the Cave. Evils were defeated, let them not rise again.

To the fair and thoughtful Guildmistress Klink, I do ask to consider the obvious loophole. What happens, whence under your terms, an a blackguard at the head of an undead horde comes through our Open Door? There must, absolutely, be limits. This one is a clear enough case.

The Story of the Square thus far is of triumph and prosperity. The Peerage Ward entered into an era of decadence and chaos, no longer protecting the common man. So, our predecessor under the light of the King, took their security into their own hands.

Ticker Square cannot and *must* not be exploited. We are a Free District of the Kings City. Forsake Ibjavis influence. She already twists weaker minds to her will.

Only in the light can fair dealings continue in Ticker Square. Prosperity and Welfare are the gifts of Righteousness. Poverty and Slavery are the wages of Sin.

We are the beacon of hope for the Kings City of Rings. Let that light not falter this day.

Quote from: Solomon Krown
Why are we here?

Dress it up in whatever you want, that's what this whole game is about. And every one of those bastards telling you otherwise has got rich in this here Square.

Who are they to say who can and can't trade? Who can't profit?

I'm voting yes. For Ticker Square. For profit.

Quote from: Rutledge Joddson
Ticker square is a bastion of trade of all sorts, and it should continue to be!

However, I feel like I must remind everyone that, those who vote yes and those who vote no, are no different to each other. We are all Ticker!

Trade will continue in Ticker, and I hope we are all here to profit from it. Thank you.

Quote from: Callister Jones
Good day. I'm here on behalf of myself, Alice and Rowan.

We're not certain. We've heard rumours of foul assassinations; we've heard tell the creature employs mind magicks, and scries on all of us.

But we don't want to risk it.

So we're voting no.

Quote from: Glidir Ironfaar
I got pretty rich off the Seams. Damn good business.

Let's keep it going!

Quote from: Chauncey Tabernackey
Hello there.

I'm Chauncey, of the Worshipful Guild of Alms Askers.

I think we got to keep our doors open to all sorts of freaks and misfits. Just look at me! Started out as a beggar...

And now I'm the richest beggar in town!

They even gave me Guildmembership!

Most nights I can even eat things that aren't rat.

So I say, let's let Ib'javi in! Keep the Open Door open!

And so ends the Matter.

Recorded by Selena Sandrue, of the Rumour Mill.