Author Topic: Remaking a character after death  (Read 2709 times)

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on: May 03, 2019, 06:27:50 AM
Hey folks!

Thank you for tuning in!

I feel like we may have to remind folks of the importance of continuity and effect of stories to the world around you. With this I wish to convey the idea that each character is unique and what ever their fate may be, they affect other characters around them. Their stories, and the story of the World. Interactions, fame, choices and consequences that carry on. It all accumulates and it's important that we keep it meaningful and immersive.

With that in mind, there is a problem that has arisen few times. Partly because of newer people not quite knowing the spirit of the rules, partly maybe because of slight ignorance because one gets attached to nice concept and setup they happen to find. The team can definitely relate to this. However here is how it has to be in simple terms:

If your character dies or is killed, they should be dead. Do not recreate the near same concept and character, join the same factions or groups of people and pretty much continue to deal with same friends and same enemies as it was. This has dangerous notion of mixing IC and OOC feelings, where it's easy to seek vengeance on your killer with new character. It should not happen.

While everyone is fully justified to play similar type classes and builds, totally understandable, you should really avoid continuing the exact same line of interactions and role in the world, because that takes away from the weight of death and continuity the world requires. It would give you endless continuity personally, but leave the rest of the players and the world carrying all the risks. Losing a dear concept that got you really immersed and into it is hurtful. Absolutely. But that is why we have this hobby. It's not always a simple flip and move onto the next one. If it takes time, then take the time and sleep on it. Take a small break, but part of it is accepting the losses along with the admittedly far rarer occasion of victories. That's why they are that much sweeter.

We do reserve the right to retire characters in these situations.