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on: May 11, 2019, 11:28:45 PM
A stack of unassuming papers is pinned to the notice boards of Ticker's Square.

For the first time in writing, I am happy to present the vast array of wonderful inventions that I, Ispeth, can provide to suit all of your needs. All inventions are rigorously tested in multiple phases and iterated upon to provide the highest quality goods in Ring 99. See something you need that's not in stock? Worry not, you can place an order and it will be delivered to you after a short delay for production. Prices are negotiable depending on quantity ordered and other considerations. Please contact for specifics.

Note that these would not be available without the wonderful help of all of those who bring me schematics and materials to develop and produce these goods. As always, if you are looking for make some easy, honest coin, I will purchase ANY schematic or usable material bundle that you bring me, no questions asked. They may also be redeemable for discounts on goods. Inquire in person for more.

Thank you all for letting me share my passion with you,



Concussive Impact Heavy Launcher - Commonly categorized as a catapult, this heavy ballistics weapon can project specially designed projectiles up to 250 feet to highly destructive results.  Ammunition purchased separately.

Repeating Trigger Heavy Bolt Launcher - Using a specifically modified crossbow energy transfer mechanism, the repeating trigger bolt launcher fires two-foot long iron bolts with enough force and penetrating power to pierce even the heaviest of armor. With a full crew of two trained operators, a full set of 10 bolts can be fired within 30 heartbeats. Single operator capacity enabled by weighted automatic stabilizers allowing for rapid aiming. Ammunition purchased separately.


"Thunderbolt" Light Discharge Coil Tips - Available with arrow or bolt shafts for your preferred delivery method, these tips are fitted with a copper coil core charged with stabilized electricity which is released when the activated tip makes contact with a person or object.

Heavy Discharge Coil "Thunderstorm" Delivery Sphere -  A large stabilized discharge coil charged with electricity released on impact with a hard surfaced. Inserted into a bullet for easy long-range delivery.  Warning : Electric discharge powerful enough to jump to nearby targets.

 Kinetic Energy "Footsweeper" Bolt
- High-density gasses compressed magically into an adamantine-lined bolt tip. When  it impacts a surface, vents release the gasses in a violent explosion likely to knock nearby beings off their feet.


Quickspread Friction Reducer - Fitted with a rotating clockwork aerosolizer for rapid deployment, this capsule contains a specially designed oil that will make the covered material have up to 90% less friction.  Slipping on covered surface highly likely.

Instant-Dry Glue Capsule - Capsule's contents will dry within 2-4 heartbeats on exposure to air, instantly gluing touched objects or persons to the ground beneath them, preventing movement.


"Bladescreen" Portable Defense System - Long blades folded onto each other for easy carrying, each is fitted with single-use clockwork engine. When deployed and activated with the proper command word, the engine will spin the blades in a deadly wall for up to thirty heartbeats.

"Nailrain" Automated Caltrop Spreader - Centrifugal clockwork spreader ensures a quick, even distribution of caltrops over an area with minimal user skill needed.

"Pocket Bard" Clockwork Music Maker - Based on the famous Ring 99 opera's organ, this wind instrument automatically opens and closes channels according to a few pre-programmed sequences, allowing anyone to perform wonderful music. Wind runes inscribed inside the tubes of the newer models ensure an even stream of air is delievered to the pipes for even higher sound quality.

Clockwork Attack Familiar "Roborat" -  Complex automaton vaguely shaped like the ring's famous rodent, this tool's high-energy clockwork core will come alive at the flip of a switch, animating the construct. A temporary mental link allows for easy, hands-free control of the Roborat.


Fishing Rod - A standard fishing rod fitted with a weighted hook and reinforced string suitable for fishing in any situation.

Lose Discharge Coil - A staple part of other creations, the discharge coil is also available as a stand-alone item. Can deliver three electric jolts over medium distances before losing all it's charge.