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Whispers of the Doorkeepers carry the words of the Royal Court Wizard:

This is an announcement of the King`s Court: to further the capacity of the subjects of his Royal Majesty in the engagement of wit, expression of self, and repartee that they may bring to him even the slightest modicum of amusement through their "pitiful" exchanges:

You shall all be lessoned in the meaning of the word, dweeb: a boring, inept individual. Origin: a blend of "dwarf" and "feeble-minded". "D" from dwarf, combined with "eeb" from feeble, "dweeb". Now, pay heed to its synonyms:

Nincompoop, halfwit, dullard, pea-brain, twerp, twit, git, sap, dingbat, boofhead, schmuck, berk, dipstick, numbskull, dunce, dolt, klutz, fool and idiot, to name just a few alternatives. Better yet, why not target something specific and personal about those whom you deign to challenge?

What say you, my colleague, oh Royal Herald? Should they not better themselves? I dare say you are the most worthy of describing those of the 99th.

[After this lesson, the following words of the Royal Herald are found lit up as expertly woven dweomers across Ring 99, instructing by example the subjects of the King, in how one might address their rivals and inferiors...]

Quote from: The Royal Herald
PEOPLE OF RING 99! Listen now to the Royal Herald. You fight like sickened rats in alleyways and piss upon His Majestys beautiful city streets like the mangy dogs you are. Your clothing is unclean and your speech foul and barbaric. Yet despite your abominable nature His Royal Majesty, limitless in generosity and kind will, has seen fit to send forth the choicest of food and treasure.

Quote from: The Royal Herald
Listen well to the Royal Herald. You thirst, you hunger, your hands tremble with covetous greed.... the wages of your sins are stamped upon your dog-like faces like brands upon cattle. Go now and grovel in the Commons, and await the glittering treasure that His Majesty sees fit to bestow upon his unworthy people.
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