Author Topic: K99: Miscreants, Monsters, Misdeeds.  (Read 476 times)

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on: July 11, 2019, 03:46:06 PM
[Over the last few weeks there has been relative silence of the Knaves since the announcement of the crew's return as Pickney Jim's burglary of Miss Twill's shop in Ticker occurred at the same time as heist of Orza's vault. Sightings of the Red Queen, calling card of the Knaves of 99 on the rise in the Scraggleways next to shattered windows. In the commons at the sight of muggings. They are found aside fresh corpses in the 98th and stale bloated corpses in the Drips. In the Peerage Ward's darker corners and the grass of the Ponds. Wherever dark dealings taken place for better or ill. Some claiming it a mark of death as entire gangs cut to pieces with no evidence but a Queen remaining. Others claim it a confirmation mark that a criminal enterprise is in good standing or operating with blessing and future prosperity.

Scattered far and wide are the small red calling cards glowing as if wreathed in black magic and red flame. To date there have been vague Whisper echoing here and there of affairs of business. This morning though came word during daylight hours of religious ministrations for miscreants, call of recruitment to monsters, and claiming of misdeeds across the City of Rings.]

Quote from: Knave of 99, Copper Faced
Hear of the recitations. In the shadows, under the light of the moon, by torchlight and in darkness, may He watch me, may He guide me, may He bless my thiefing. Gold, Baubles, and riches beyond reckoning I offer to Him, that I might survive another night, that I might serve, in turn, his dark design.

Many have seen the Red Queen glow in the night once more after heist. To the whisper priests of Grandfather we offer relic and temple where you may breathe freely and see your message spread among the likeminded faithful. To the brigands working their alleyways do we offer tool and supply to remain upright. To the cutthroats we offer networks of target information and open contracts aplenty. To the slaver we offer poison to slow prey and safehouse to collect your stock. To the Black Magi we offer profane research on alchemics and more. We have ours hands in all affairs.

Outcast and forgotten Mongrelkin stalking the woods raiding pittance to survive you can find place and fortune. The goblin and Kobold scouring the sewer for scraps you may find means for your tribes to thrive. Planar entities that wish carve a life in these rings. The rich, the poor, we are all. Make a name to join us...and to show our severity a profane relic has fragmented reality and opened an unstable seam in the 96th. Beware the Death Slaad should you roam.