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[Today a meeting was called at the Ticker Square chamber of commerce. The Guildmasters of the merchant's guild voted to renew the contract of who keeps the peace in Ticker Square. For decades it had been the Stonebuilder's Guild, but following a series of embarrassing assassinations and brawls confidence in the fraternity of masons and strong men has faltered. Each Guildmaster addressed the issue, promising to award their vote to whichever company suited their vision...]

Quote from: Guildmaster Silas Sparrowbroth
I want to say the Stonebuilders have done a wonderful job keeping bandits and gangs from our square. Its been a good few years. But our wealth and prosperity have caught a lot of attention. If Ticker Square is to remain free we need a fighting force. With the Guarding contract up for renewal the Merchant's Guild will be taking bids from interested guilds and companies. A vote will be held by the Guildmasters to determine who holds the next contract.

Quote from: Guildmaster Oscar Tchammorar
[Looks up from his studying his splayed fingers.] Yes, yes, yes... but beyond peacekeepers Ticker Square requires a proper fighting force to protect guild interests. The victorious party will be given a proper wage and outfitting. It would just be embarrassing otherwise. We aren't the Sunpurse sendings servants off to fetch dresses from the charity chest for the lady of the House, are we?

And I should add I want our fighting men to put a scare into anyone so brazen as to challenge the Guild. So I'll be hosting a small competition. The Stonebuilders, the Butchers, anyone out for this contract is tasked with collecting debts from my delinquent lendees. I think that will be a fair judge of aptitude, both in skill and temperament. I do hear those Arbiters are rather touchy about usery, mm?

Quote from: Guildmistress Priscilla Klink
[Klink clears her throught, taking a long sip of cofee.] I'll leave the business of groats to the rest of you. Me? I want to know who is going to keep the -people- of Ticker Safe. Keeping coins safe is quite another matter isn't it? And we do that just fine. [Her eyes dart to Oscar.]

Convince my reporters you're the ones who will stop our young ring-runners from being robbed, help our elderly when they get turned around in the Scraggleways, and my vote is yours.

Quote from: Valentine Webber, Daughter and Proxy of Guildmistress Walda Webber
My mother would like to join Silas in thanking our Stonebuilders. We could not have built up Ticker Square without you. Something she would like us all to keep in mind is that Ticker is not just a collection of little shops any longer. We are a thriving community, a hub of commerce and one of the last places in this part of the Rings that has not fallen to dilapidation and apathy. Show us you can guide Ticker Square forward to a prosperous future, and make this entire RING into something we can be proud of, and we'll stand with you.

Quote from: Guildmaster Kur Uld
Well its about time! I, uh... agree with all of that lot. Wealth... proper mercenaries...

[The dwarf gulps as eyes fall upon him, taking out a handkerchief to clean his brow.]


[Suddenly his his beady eyes light up, a brilliant idea forming...] What I want to know is why we let them Peers go putting a bounty on dwarf beards like a pack of greenskins? Eh? Its about time they showed us some respect. I'd like to see them host their feasts without MY cheese! So do you know what? Make them Peers show us our due. By the ancestors my line is older than their's. Bring 'em to heel and you've got Kur Uld.