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on: June 14, 2019, 08:54:16 PM
[In the peerage, amoung the litter of advertisement and old paper, a knight quietly posts her code for all to know]

Chaos is the blackest pit, the empty void that will swallow us all. To fight chaos, we must create law.

Each person must live to serve their correct place. It is by excelling in their place that one may find honor. Some are workers, some are soldiers, some are knights, some are merchants, and some are lords. Those are the only places a person may fit into the pattern. Those outside are untouchable, soulless, and animals. It is the greatest duty of a man inside the pattern to bring those lost and soulless outside the patten into the pattern.

A knight is a soldier, a bodyguard, a enforcer, and above all, the priestly voice of the pattern itself. Eight oaths must they swear, and must they follow, to the letter, no matter the case. It is not the blade's place to decide how it is used. Question not where the pattern takes you, but instead walk joyfully as a servant of law itself.

Each oath is subservient to the oaths above it. If an oath conflicts, the one standing above it must always stand. The First oath may never be broken.

1 ) A knight must serve a lord. To a knight, his lords word is the law itself. Question not his word, as it is not your place.

2 ) A knight must bring those outside the pattern into the pattern, and in doing so, save them.

3 ) A knight must protect those inside the pattern from those without. There is no sin in slaying those without souls, but each loss is a tragedy, as they could have been made into soulful beings, if you had saved them.

4 ) A knight must never accept gold in exchange for blood. There is no shame in accepting gifts of gold, but taking gold as payment for violence is the place of the soldier. To do so is to step outside the pattern and be lost.

5 ) A knight must not lie, if he has sworn his word.

6 ) A knight must spread word of the pattern, to those who know not its way.

7 ) A knight must learn to obey the letter of law, not the meaning. It is not the knight's place to decide what a law means.

8 ) A knight must always pay back his debts.