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on: July 10, 2019, 06:36:04 PM
Further to the bounty announced by Baron Kur Uld, the Guildmasters of the Merchant's Guild have resolved that any Citizens of Ticker Square who aid or associate  with "The Rat Queen" will be banished from Ticker Square. Information or evidence leading to the banishment of rats in our midst will be rewarded.

Secretary Ramus Bhesk

Following secretary Bhesk's announcement, a list of known associates of the Rat Queen with crude sketches, is posted at the Open Door:
-Aunrae, an elven reveler of Pzatharun
-Saint Outis, a lecherous old man posing as a cripple
-Sorcerer Lyon, halfwit bandit
-Zauko, chultan tribesman
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