Author Topic: New Looting/Merchant 'Bag'  (Read 87 times)

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on: August 16, 2019, 05:44:58 AM
A system that would allow you to enable all loot to go into an 'endless bag' that operates like a Yank Pack storage item that you can place on the ground and distribute later would be really handy for people who already have a large amount of resources. Something like a bag with a unique power to toggle "add newly acquired items to this bag directly."

In addition, or alternatively, having a bag that operates like this for merchants so they could easily have all their goods in it, then to add them all to a stall. They could just drop the item itself into the stall's inventory, or use it on the stall in some way, to add all of their goods, but the bag would return/stay in your inventory. This would help considerably with the issue of losing items in your stall to resets, dropping things to the ground due to full inventories, and many other inconveniences that require a large amount of DM assistance that will never get everything back.

This is not a suggesting for any of it to weigh less, even having these large bags weigh more would be reasonable. Possible to have them require purchasing would be worth the quality of life for many PCs.