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on: September 14, 2019, 07:54:09 PM
Following news of the curious Lizardfolk gem fragments, a number of announcements and bounties are made...

Quote from: Houses of the Peerage
Know that the rightful keepers of the King's Peace shall keep this insidious Reptilian artefact away from those creatures; any who brings them to the Great Houses shall be granted position as Retainer, and gain much prestige for their own name and line.

Quote from: Oscar Tchammor
There is no place safer in this Ring than the Adamantine Vault; bring them to me for safekeeping. Promotion within the Guild of Merchants shall be offered to any who bring them, even elevation to Guildmaster. But if political power does not interest, I am certain great riches will. Bring me these gems, and it will be yours.

Quote from: Solomon Krown
Bring me the fragments; if it's gold you seek, you'll have it, or the patronage of the finest soldiers in this Ring, who'll serve you well in whatever you mean to accomplish.

Quote from: The Arbiters
A force of great chaos looms; do not let your hearts rot with greed-sickness. Bring what remains of this foul artefact to us, or else grave calamity will strike this City. Do not trust the grasping aspirations of man or lizard.

Quote from: Ib'javi the Unbound
What better place to hide this thing from those insidious reptiles than far from this City? Deliver this to me and you will not be bothered by it again... And in return, you shall receive riches and the most magnificent products of my forge.

Quote from: Emissary Ks'k
An artefact of great cultural significance to my people has been broken and stolen by insidious forces. Return it to us, and we will not level your Ring in a deluge of steel and fire.