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on: November 14, 2019, 06:37:44 PM
Many centuries ago, before the city and it's rings there was the swamp empire of the Sibilant. These vicious scaled masters enslaved each of the goodly races. Their days were spent toiling for the merciless masters while their nights were spent forgetting the horrors of the day. Through tears of blood did they weep in the twilight before each coming day...

The Sibilant masters were a prideful and arrogant race, demanding great monuments and statues to be erected in their image. For this task, they selected specific slaves to educate in the ancient arts of masonry, stone carving and engineering. These slaves would be tasked with harvesting resources and constructing their great ziggurats and statues. These poor souls would become the very first Stonebuilders. For many years they would toil and build. They would dig deep into the soil seeking enriched stones and gems for the construction.

It was during one such deep dig that the winds of change would begin to blow. A Stonebuilder dwarf by the name of Bomor uncovered an ancient cave deep below the swamp and soil. This cave would find an abundance of resources for which Bomor would toil and work for days on end -until he made the discovery that would change everything...

It was there in his cave that he did discover a giant and ancient stone tablet that we would later come to know as the Lexicon. This tablet was marked in runes and writings in a language never before seen. A language more ancient even than the Sibilant masters. Much to his surprise, Bomor found that he could read the writings for reasons unknown to he. The rune petroglyphs on the tablet consisted of clear instructions, a map of sort. This tablet instructed Bomor to build a great tower surrounded by rings. In doing this, a King would come who would save us all from the masters.

Bomor left his cave, soot and dirt covered from his days of labor. It is the end of his labors to which the Peerage house Velstra celebrates their endless feast to honor this great dwarf. Upon exiting the cave, Bomor shared news of his discovery with his fellow Stonebuilders and to the surprise of all they would find that others too could read the instructions on this most ancient stone and it's instructions were very clear. They would begin construction of the great city of rings. And construct they did until at long last their labor was rewarded by the coming of the King. With his arrival he would oversee the construction and ensure the completion of this metropolis, this bastion of safety and prosperity. He would lead all to freedom and safety behind his rings.

The rebellion began, seeing the rise of Bomor's companions the daring swords. These heroes and ancestors along with our great king would win the war and expel the sibilant threat from our new homes. For many centuries to follow, the city would see prosperity for it's citizens. The polished stone and marble would be maintained and protected by the Stonebuilders guided by the will of the city it's self.

The will of the city. This is something sacred to the Stonebuilder order, for indeed the city is possessing of it's own will -it's own sentience. It can feel, it can think. It can grow. It can die. And it is dying. All across the city, one will find primeval obelisks covered in runes. These, carved by the Builders of old at the instruction of the Glyph Readers who decyphered the Lexicon would breathe life into the city. They would act as antennae as one would find on a bug, through which the city could feel. Through which the city could communicate.

Time passes and history becomes lost, the great tower goes silent save for the whispers of the King's herald. With each day, less and less Stonebuilders would be recruited and with their waning number, the secrets of the city would become forgotten and any hope of rebuilding the now decaying and decrepit stone would fade forever, for it is only the Stonebuilders who are possessing of the ability to communicate and understand the will of the Rings. In the current time of writing this narrative, there are now so few of this order remaining that extinction begins to loom on the horizon. When the last petroglyph reader dies, so will the last hope of ever preventing the coming apocalypse.

This decline of our now dying city can be seen in the opening of seams and rifts like a pox on the stone. It can be seen in the degradation of the buildings and cobble. It can be seen in the lawless chaos that has plagued the districts. We feel it's presence in ring 100 all the way to ring 1, but it is the outer circle most effected. It should be known, the rings climb as high in number as they do going down from 100 to 1 and possibly stretch even further beyond that. In these outer rings the decay has already completed.

Where once there was society and safety, the outer rings are utterly inhabitable. The last of the Stonebuilder Wardens and Petroglyph readers hold the temple of Ring 107 where the sacred Lexicon now resides. In this ring, the Builder temple is the only building still standing. The streets are overrun with bandit lords the likes of which make Fourth Scale Sibilant soldiers appear no better than Kobolds or Goblins. Despair is the daily bread they dine on. Death is the drink of the night. Pain the morning dew... And it's spreading...

The Sibilant know this and now have crawled from their holes in the earth to rekindle the flames of war. The winds of change yet again blow, though this time they do not blow in the favor of the goodly people of the rings.

Our city is dying and there is but a single order capable of preventing it -and that order is now on the verge of extinction. Yet your Stonebuilders do not go quietly into the night. Ever do they march forward to see life returned to our desolate streets. In times of peace they are artists and custodians. In times of war, art brush and stone chisel become axe and sword. Builders become Defenders taking up Crusade for the good of all who dwell in this city.

The time of war has returned and with it, your Stonebuilders.

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