Author Topic: Buying Moving Fortress Bulwark helmet. Selling verious findings.  (Read 156 times)

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I am looking for pieces of the armour set of the Moving Fortress Bulwark. I have aquired the plate mail, I have heard of a helmet that goes with it, although there may be more... Should you find any, we can haggle for a price in gold.

I am also selling the following;

Feral ring (+1ac, +1 concentration/disc.)    150gold
Sturdy ring (+1 fort.)    175 gold
Feral Orc shield (+1ac, +1 taunt).    200 gold
Ring of Melted Iron nails (Improved crit: fists (no monk lvls), +1 ac deflection)   250 gold
Barbarian belt (+2 vs fear, +1 vs disease, +1 vs poison, +1 taunt/tumble)   100 gold

Contact Erythyn 'Ironleaf' at the Worshipfull Stonebuilder's Guild.
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