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on: October 13, 2019, 06:36:58 AM

Numerology: Decoding the Divine Algorithm

Record of Public Augury and Discourse

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on: October 13, 2019, 06:51:46 AM


"This book is published serially and incomplete, because like the understanding of objective truth, the divine Algorithm, and the Nine Aspects of God which categorize all existence, I believe there will be no satisfying conclusion or final goal to reach here that will allow us to someday write 'The End' in big block letters. Every person only has their subjective thoughts on the pieces of the Algorithm, or life, that they encounter around them and while it may be impossible to touch the objective truth and truly know the Divine Algorithm with certainty it is by understanding our varied viewpoints that I think we can come closest to achieving that impossible dream.

Here I've written an account of my public auguries, Nine Sided Dice readings, and the discussions on the outcomes that the people of the 99th Ring have produced in public forum. It is my hope to inspire Ring 99 to search for understanding, and the purpose that God has made them for. That future generations can read here what we collectively saw in each other and in turn see just a little bit further. Let's decode the Algorithm as far as we are able and together find our place in God's great design.

You can love them or you can hate them, but so long as you try to understand them it is the people around us who are our greatest tool in the search for God.
Nine are the numbers. The numbers are nine."

~Maxwell Artfall, Numerologist.

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on: October 13, 2019, 07:17:40 AM
First Public Augury
Ticker Square
The Open Door Inn
The Third Aspect: Mystery. Power.

Even though this was a public forum the names have been abbreviated for privacy.  The Aspect Augured was the Third but we got derailed a few times into a number of topics that I think make for a good introduction to Numerology's basic principals. Here's the gist as far as I remember.


Numerologist Maxwell: To get the dense shit out of the way first.

Numerology, the belief in the Nine Faced God, has a lot of warring philosophies about the way to properly worship and what weíre meant to do. The difference between our religion and most others, is that we donít get an arrow pointing us in any particular direction.

We donít get a handy pamphlet saying ďBeauty is the bestĒ, because God is constantly pouring out power and directing reality in favor of all his Aspects which encompassesÖ Everything, really.

My takeaway is that we all have a specific purpose that fits into Godís plans. His Algorithm that weíre all a part of.

And until we figure out what that is weíve got shit we need to figure out.
Thereís Nine Aspects of God, and being human weíre subjective creatures. We canít say that ďDoomĒ is evil or good, because it changes from where weíre standing. Only God is objective in truth.

But through discourse and understanding each otherís points of view on these Aspects we can get as close as weíre able to objective truth. To understanding the Algorithm. And thatís my goal.


Numerologist Maxwell: So where are you from? Did you grow up in the Rings, or are you Awoken?

T: I'm from a place called Tethyr originally. Awfully boring place. I moved to Westgate quite a long time ago.

Numerologist Maxwell: That's good. I always like getting a perspective from someone who wasn't born in the City. When two people talk that are from the same place you tend to get mostly the same responses to everything.

It's good to have an Awakened in the conversation because I have no idea what you people's views are going to be about anything. The sky might be orange where you're from. Who knows.

As an Awoken do you know much about the Nine Faced God?

T: The Nine Faced God? Well, not much, no.

Numerologist Maxwell: That's fine. Half the people who grew up here don't.

T: I'd love to hear, though.

Numerologist Maxwell: There's a thing that happens with priests, I think, that puts up a barrier between people and knowing things about God.

For some reason we get the notion in our head that to understand the truth about the universe we need to lock ourselves in a quiet place for decades at a time, and think really hard alone, without being interrupted by anyone.

And then years later we come out with this neurosis that we've inflicted on ourselves that we've somehow "figured it all out". Just because we've sat in the dark and talked to ourselves and read the same book a thousand times.

So we head out into the world, you know.

And tell everyone else that we're not lunatics, and that this thing we're talking about is the one answer to everything.

And if anyone disagrees we get everyone who agrees with us to beat the shit out of them until they change their mind. And so this new guy, and half the guys we've converted, are just parroting some stuff a crazy guy is saying without understanding a word of it.


T: I have a question.

Numerologist Maxwell: Oh. Yeah, sure.

Whatís the question?

T: Whatís your view, uh, on the Small Gods?

Like, say, Phanax?

Numerologist Maxwell: The same as they are with the gods of the Awakened. TheyíreÖ

Alright, so..

If reality is a mountain with nine sides, right?

T: ..Right.

Numerologist Maxwell: And each side has a river flowing down from the ice melting on the top.

And as the river goes down itís flow gets weaker and it gets smaller.
I think God, or his divine essence..

Is that melting ice.

And all of us whoíve got any finger in divinity..

Weíre points along one of those nine rivers.

The closer to divine truth of an Aspect you get on any river the stronger your divinity is.

I think all ďGodsĒ are points on that river right up near the top. Touching the ice.
And you and me are points further down.

So weíre all just varying degrees of different Aspects trying to get closer to the top, and admiring those who are further along.

Sorry if thatís sort of rambling.

T: I, uh, see I think. Thatís interesting.

All aspects of one and the same thing ultimately.

Or products of the same thing, at least.

Far out.

Numerologist Maxwell: Exactly. I admire them. Theyíre avatars of some Aspect of God, and they should be learned from and appreciated. Understood so we can better understand God.

T: Right, right. God being the totality. Which is like, really hard to see. Or gasp in its entirety.

Numerologist Maxwell: To keep with the metaphor, I think God created the mountain and keeps the ice melting for a purpose we canít possibly hope to understand, but itís our job to understand as much as we possibly can so we can help that purpose along.

We canít understand the Algorithm, but if we can in our lifetime get an idea of our place and the numbers nearby us, we can do the most good in the eyes of God.


T: I just wanted to have fun, really.

Make a name for myself, my own name, not my familyís name.

By being good with a crossbow, writing plays, occasionally acting. You know, stuff like that. Actually fun things!

Not sitting around a table taking things seriously and writing letters or whatever.

Marrying your own cousins.

Whatever it is I was expected to do back home.

Numerologist Maxwell: And that is exactly what you should be doing. God gave you a passion. Youíve got a destiny that was screaming at the top of itís lungs that it wasnít meant to be behind a table, and instead of listening everyone spent all their energy trying to beat it into the shape they liked better.

Thatís insanity.

How much better of a clue do people need?


T: I try to... How can I put it.
Like follow my gut instinct in a lot of cases. Yíknow, likeÖ Intuition? Or even impulse.

Is thatÖ Good or bad, do you think?

Numerologist Maxwell: Iím not neurotic enough to think I can speak for God. I think itís a human narcissism that all intelligent creatures share to think about the ultimate force in the universe in terms of the way they view the world themselves. Just because we think eating handfuls of dirt is strange doesnít mean it inherently is. So thatís my preface to saying Iím not sure, butÖ

I really strongly believe thatís the right way to do things. If we have no way of knowing whatís good or bad, all weíve got to go on is what God gave us, and thatís our passions and desires. We need to have been designed to want things for a reason.

That, Augury with the Nine Sided Dice, and discourse between people of different viewpoints are really the best clues we have. If not to what God thinks, at least our purpose here as variables in his Algorithm.


Numerologist Maxwell:The Third Aspect: Mystery, and Power.

Thatís a good topic, because at itís heart unraveling a mystery is the basis of all religions, I think.

A goblin crawls out of a cave in a thunderstorm, sees a rock shaped like a head, and the sound of thunder, and it doesnít know that the hell is going on. None of us really do in a bigger sense. So he does what we all do when we encounters something we canít understand and try to piece together the mystery in a way that makes sense from our perspective.

The stone head is making the lightning, and it must think the way that I, the goblin, do because thatís the only way a goblin can imagine something can think. So he throws the things a goblin would want at it like gold and goblin women and tries to make the storm stop.

The only difference between my faith and a goblin heaping bones all over a stone head in some forest is that we believe weíre not meant to unravel all the mysteries. Our stone head doesnít think the way we do. No more than we think the way that an ant does when it looks up at us and wonders whatís in our heads.


Numerologist Maxwell: This is a turn in conversation, but you said you were a noble in your homeland but you turned away from it. Thatís curious to me because a lot of women have fought and died trying to grab at nobility. Its implied that thereís a lot of power in nobility.

Is that authority something you never had any interest in?

T: Well, I mean.. Not really? Maybe it sounds.. To me, all it meant was having to marry some inbred freak living in the castle across the river from ours.

And a bunch of obligations and living the same as my parents did. Sure, Iíd get to inherit a castle and some servants, and I guess some peasants in a village.
But Iíd be about as alive as those damn dusty paintings hanging in the hallways.

No. Never. I had to leave.

I didnít want power, I just wanted to, you know, have fun.

Numerologist Maxwell: Thatís something a lot of people miss when theyíre thinking about power. I think when people say ďpowerĒ what they really mean is ďcontrolĒ. Over others, over the world around them, over their own situation.

On paper nobility is supposed to give a lot of ďpowerĒ.

But do you really have any power when youíre being told who to love? Where to go? How to act?

T: Right, right, exactly.

And if you step out of line, your own goddamn cousin comes to town looking to put a knife in your back!

Numerologist Maxwell: And this is where subjectivity comes into it, because we could ask a thousand men who had more power between a drifter and a noble woman, and every one of them would say weíre idiots for asking. The noble woman of course.

T: Well, I mean.

Maybe theyíd be right, but thereís no law that says we have to want power, right? I mean.. I gamble, yíknow? I like playing cards and dice, and the wheel, and whatnot.

Numerologist Maxwell: But youíre more in control of your life now then you ever were back then- I assume. Sorry. I didnít mean to speak for you.

T: And part of that is not knowing if youíre going to win or lose.

I mean, obviously you want to win, but you also want some risk, you want thrill, you want to have fun.

People who have power, who are in control all of the time, they canít even experience that, unless they start doing some really weird shit.

Numerologist Maxwell: Thatís an interesting point.

T: Itís true, though in some ways I got more power, in the sense of control over my life, than I would if Iíd stayed back home. But itís more a close of not even being interested in it.

I want to go with the flow. See what comes up.

Just like your auguries, I guess.

Every time you throw a die, youíre giving up a bit on control, right?

Otherwise whatís the point.

Numerologist Maxwell: And you have enough control over your life to be allowed to take those risks, so why bother trying to gather more power, right?

T: Yeah!

Numerologist Maxwell: Thatís really interesting. I hadnít ever taken the time to wonder if thereís a point where naturally wanting control over our lives and situation becomes a burden. Hell, Iíd love to talk to Tchammorar over beers about when heíll have too much money.


Numerologist Maxwell: Iíve been rambling up here for a while, so I should wind this down. But Iíd be interested to hear from the Retainer of House Sunpurse.

The House Sunpurse is the oldest noble Household in the Peerage with the strongest noble bloodlines. If anyone has a right to speak about the power inherit in nobility its them.

I was just interested to hear your take on the idea of Power. As it pertains to nobility.

Are you a Knight? Or a noble yourself?

E: Iím a retainer of House Sunpurse to repay the debts of my House.

Numerologist Maxwell: You mean to say your family is indebted to House Sunpurse?

E: That is correct.

Numerologist Maxwell: Thatís fascinating. Thatís exactly the sort of power from nobility I had hoped to hear about. Although this might have more to do with power from wealth.

E: Perhaps I can speak about power but I cannot do so with the poise you both bare.

T: Weíre all friends here. No one is judging.

Numerologist Maxwell: Thatís fine, E:. I find it hard to judge people knowing that Iíve got no idea what the hell Godís opinion on anything is. Iím half drunk and rambling.
So is it a financial thing, or a debt of honor?

O: I think itís interesting that all your attendees down there are Retainers.

E: Power is an interesting concept. We give things power. Itís subjective. My father has power over his servants, over me. However the late Lord Sunpurse held power over him. We give away our freedom for power usually.

For example we enter into a pact with an employer. Giving away our freedom for the power of groats.

O: An interesting point, I gotta say. Thatís why I think itís best to be self-employed.

E: I should come to the point why Iíve said this. A dangerous one perhaps but the concept of power really stems from the ability we have in ourselves.

Numerologist Maxwell: What ability is that?

E: It varies from person to person. You are an orator. My power is in my training with a blade or perhaps deeper than such. My determination to succeed. Yours would be more in essence the desire to understand or provide others with such chance.

T: Well, letís say someoneís a slave, an actual slave, like people were under the Sibilants.

Does it matter then what ability a slave has? Arenít they all subjected by power all the same?

My point is, isnít power ultimately.. Whatís the word.. Uniform, somehow?
Isnít there a point where different kinds of power are smooshed together into one kind?

Being the ability to make your own decision of what to do.

Which you either have, or you donít?

Numerologist Maxwell: I get what he means though.

Thereís inherit power to each person. Regardless of situation unless someone breaks your hands with a big rock or has you in chains, your control over the immediate world around you is much better if youíve got skill with a sword and one in your hand than the man who is the governor or the richest man in the room.

Though things get muddled up when we start investing the idea of power into groats, or the authority of who ever is in charge, and then theyíve got more power than the skilled swordsman and theyíll give the swordsman a piece of that power if we start doing whatever they say.

I donít know where Iím going with all this. But I feel like I understand the Third Aspect a little more today than I did yesterday. Thank you all for that. Iím trying to find my place in the Algorithm like everyone else, and I think this helped.
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