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on: January 05, 2020, 04:48:36 PM
My name is Maruthas and I want to buy a nicer pipe than the one I have now that has someone else's teeth marks in it. I want to buy a pipe that has no teeth marks in it.

This is important to me because I smoke for enjoyment and it is hard to enjoy a pipe that has someone else's teeth marks in it.

If you give me a nice pipe with no teeth marks in it then I will show you all the groats I have and you can take the ones you like. I do not know how many I have because I cannot count them and because I may have more or less of them when you bring me a nice pipe. I will make sure I have at least two handfuls of groats and you should know that my hands are bigger than most people's hands.

Also in case you think I do not understand I want to say that I understand a pipe is probably worth a certain number of groats and not other numbers but I do not care about that and you can take the number that you like best.

Thank you for reading my message. I hope you will bring me a nice pipe if you have one and you want more groats instead of the pipe. You can have my pipe also but I think you probably will not want it because of the teeth marks that are in it. They are not mine.