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on: February 14, 2020, 08:51:53 AM
<The first pages are an assortment of drawn out notes, etchings and designs of golems, golem anatomy, weight, tinkering schematics and doodles>


Nestled in Solitude, the research bent on the creation of an animate golem designed to serve its master and its people, I shall record all mannerisms of progress in this otherwise useless and hardly used notebook.

We know that the anatomy of a golem is made up of not just hewn rock, but a heart and its limbs. The heart is the beating factor of the city golem. The city golem can and cannot be considered, truthfully, an elemental, as an elemental is by planar law tied wholly to its planes. No, the golem is not an earth elemental and does not owe allegiance to the plane of earth.

The golems are, if anything, tied to the mythos of the City of Rings and the King's court. The Stonebuilders hold knowledge of the golem's history and there are at least two golems within Ticker Square in service to the Stonebuilders. It is interesting to note that the Stonebuilders are by far Ticker Square's best chance at protection, having such an arsenal, and I do not know why the Butchers were ever voted into power.

Moving on. Golems have names that hold philosophical and vague meanings; a cryptic code that may or may not hold secrets to the city. I have not been able to find true evidence if this is their official calling, as they do not utter their own name often and only a meeting with the Stonebuilders will reveal the nature behind this.

We look to the future, perhaps; a bit of fun. What would I call my golem? I am a very particular person, and I am fickle, I think. I am far too old to make mistakes, and I shall only have one chance at creating a meaningful and perfected golem to serve my magocracy of the Tower of Solitude.

'There are Daggers in Mens' Smiles'
'The Great Skeleton Tree and its Maze of Arms'
'The Sun and the Moon hold Purse & Spear'

Vyrne de Blackstaff
Student of Shelgarn
Magus of Abjuration & Evocation