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on: March 01, 2020, 11:22:05 PM
-- The Hounding of Plane Rot --
A declaration of the Hundred Scrolls

It is rare, damned rare, that it becomes necessary for us to declare our intentions, and what is right. Everyone knows what is right. You don't need the arbiters to tell you what is wrong, you /know/ when you do wrong. Yet you cast aside the feeling, and break the scrolls.

Today's announcement is no different. People of the 99th ring, you have wronged. People of the 99th ring, you /knew/ you did wrong. People of the 99th ring, you chose to walk this path, anyway.

A poison, a /fell toxin/, has long saturated our ring. Seeped into our very beings, and we ignored it. A loving father goes out to prospect, one day, and comes home to beat his daughter. A careful diplomat goes forth, on mission to treat with the Azer, and returns hungry only for war.

Planar Sickness, we've called it. Each time you step into the planes, you feel it. You know, to your core, you commit a wrong against your very soul. Yet you venture onwards, ignoring it. And when you return, seeped in toxin, you revel in its produce.

And for long, now, we too have ignored this wrong. Ignored our duty for convenience, set aside our tasks for diplomacy. No. Longer.

Therefore, let three things be known, this day!

First, to take the Planar ROT into your soul is ANATHEMA. Taint not your soul with the wrongness of the planes, without great purpose. Your ventures must be short, and are sinful to behold.

Second, those whose souls have ROTTED to the point their skin swirls sickly, bulging with vile fluid and color are in VIOLATION. All caught to be glowing and shifting of color shall be charged with a lesser violation of the 14th, and BRANDED.

And finally, those who have taken this sickness into their very core- become mad with the rot- have forfeited their status as a living being, and shall be known OUTSIDER. They shall be slain, for they shall no more belong to the rings then a demon.

Know now the justice of this! Know we shall now hunt the Plane Sick not out of cruelty, but out of kindness! In removing them, we shall purify our home, and protect us all!

This is the justice of the Cube! This is what is right! We shall set forth to enforce this permutation of the 14th scroll, as we do all the scrolls. May those who would risk this toxin see themselves cleared of it, and poison themselves no more, or they shall face us. Obey, and be whole.