Author Topic: Boons of the High Potentate  (Read 85 times)

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on: March 16, 2020, 03:37:07 AM
Soon after the bargain over the Ponds' cabin is struck, a commanding whisper is uttered through the many bronze ears.

Thus spake the High Potentate. You are hereby to tidy up the ponds and create mooring platforms for airships. Create high eyries and branched trees. He who shall complete the task shall be richly rewarded. Populate, sire minions, and live content lives. Bring me tasty fish and gain my favour.

Later, a majestic snake sycophant slithers out of the cabin at night, not trusting his master not to bungle the important announcement, and, quill held by its fangs, it elaborates careful sinuous letters, controlled by residues of its erratic master's will.

Boons of the High Potentate---
---wood and fire, earth and pyre
fishing rods, shelters--
---bodyguards and gardeners, well paid
-merchants and carpenters, for airship mooring
--rangers for animal and pest slay
druids for vine and wing growth and eyries with sentinels

Grow your High Potentate, He will fight against the Sibilant Dragon in the sky