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on: March 30, 2020, 02:18:04 AM
My name is Temari Espera, Oathsworn of the Lady in Waiting, Keeper of the Promise, Witness of the End of Days and Crusader Against the Nothing.  I seek to form an alliance of the Pure Hearted that would band together and push into the Rings.  I seek to form an alliance that will defend this realm against the threats that would consume us all.  I seek to form an alliance that can stand the test of days and endure through the Night To Come.  If you wish to serve this realm and see it's true King restored, seek me out. 

Who we are: The Lantern Bearers

What we do: Preserve the realm, Run the Rings, Seek the Truth, Defend the Innocent

What we seek: The sound of heart and mind, those that put the salvation of the realm above all else, those that seek to be a force for good in the world.

How you can help:  We need those with all manner of skills, warriors, mages, priests aside, we will need people talented with mercantilism and logistics to see us funded and fielded as well.  We will need silent backers who wish to help us succeed through donation.  We will need craftsmen, skilled and unskilled laborers.

How to apply: Seek out Temari Espera by way of letter left at the Spinning Groat or sending.