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on: March 30, 2020, 05:51:00 AM
[These fliers are hung in the Peerage Ward, and brought to Ticker Square by a traveling merchant. They bear the mark of a sun with a central inquisitive eye cresting over a horizon, its sun beams twisting out into a question mark.]

In this journey that is our life, we are blinded by the shroud. It misdirects us, it lies, it offers us false hopes and before long, many find such an extreme as betraying one's sense of self as a rational decision. Blind in the dark, we stray from our path unknowingly.

You are not alone in this life. You are not unloved. You are not forsaken. For the end of each night brings the morning, and with that morning comes revelations. A greater understanding, of this mysterious world we are born into. The morning light brings with it clarity, where all things are exposed bare and the truth of our surrounding reality is made apparent. The truth will set you free, from the bindings of doubt, confusion and despair, in body, soul and mind.

Contact Tie Zhong Yincang at Castle Orza, if your heart weighs heavy, if your fortune seems glum and need know its future, if you need help to find your way.

If you travel the world, far and wide, and you have need of something to help you realize your potential, give tithe to Sa'i, and His power shall bless waters to be bottled and consumed.

By law of exchange, to appease Him in offering, the tithes asked of these powers are thus:

First heavens' powers, of light healing, insulation against extreme weather and warding against the forces of evil: 30 groat each.

Second heavens' power, of medium healing, the morning's divine favor, the ankh's blessing and the Revelator's aid: 40 groat each.

Third heavens' power, of clarity and serious healing: 60 each.

Reduce these tithes by seven, if you bring your own bottles.
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