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on: April 05, 2020, 06:11:34 AM

Darkness -  Provides a small aura of darkness on the target (if ally or self), or shrouds an enemy in darkness upon a failed save.

- Friendly targets are shrouded in a small aura of darkness which causes -all creatures- within to miss some of their attacks. The chance to miss is countered by magical effects only (ultravision, true sight, wormvision)
- All creatures without light sensitivity suffer a -1 to attack rolls. Creatures with light sensitivity gain +1 to attack rolls. (no save)
-  Applies "smoke bomb" effect for 2 rounds, allowing characters to stealth as if hiding in plain sight.

- Upon a failed will save, the hostile target is blinded by swirling shadows for 1 round / 2 levels. This effect causes the target to miss some of their attacks and fail at casting 20% of their spells. If the target is light sensitive, they are instead bestowed with +10 AB for one round as per true strike. Effect of smoke bomb is applied to the target even if light sensitive, allowing the shadows to conceal their escape for 2 rounds.

Counterspell  / removal - Light

Light -  Cleric /Sorc /Wizard/Druid/Paladin 1
- Transmutation

- Provides a friendly target with a small aura of light which causes light sensitive creatures and unread to miss some of their attacks.
- Creatures with light sensitivity gain -1 to attack rolls while within the aura(no save)
- Unread creatures gain a chance to miss their attacks while within the aura
-All creatures lose 5 hide skill while within the aura.
- Good aligned characters gain +1 divine damage while within the aura.

-Upon casting at an  enemy, the target makes a fortitude save or is blinded for 2 rounds. If the enemy is light sensitive they make a will save against blindness for an additional 1d4 rounds. If the target creature is undead, they suffer 1d6 +1 / level divine damage and gain the effect of "light aura" (reducing their attack rolls by 1 and suffering a chance to miss for duration of spell)

Counterspell - Darkness

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