Author Topic: Ravenshylde Emporium - Master's Ivory Vambraces for auction  (Read 167 times)

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The silver-eyed raven perches on a masked human merchant's head as a transaction is being concluded, then it soars high and caws excitedly, announcing to the world a new auction. And indeed, a notice soon appears in the Ticker's square where the bidders can submit their bids, openly or anonymously.

Quote from: Midnight Blue Seal of Ravenshylde
Ravenshylde Emporium offers the Master's Ivory Vambraces, only wearable by a true weaponmaster. They bestow to such a person an ability to Cleave with their strikes, enhance their fortitude, and improve a range of martial skills. They were once worn by Visimar Stormchild, an adventurer of renown. Until the auction is declared closed, the bidders may present their bids below. The bidding begins at 1000 groats.

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