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Efforts are being made to resurrect The Most Worshipful Guild of Complainful Whiners. I am looking for a group who want to act as a subversive force in Ring Ninety-Nine, based initially out of Ticker Square, but eventually trying to host efforts in each hub. The background was phrased perfectly in the past, so I'm just going to borrow it from our illustrious fore-bearers.

"What began as IC mockery and tongue-in-cheek ad hominem attack against our unwilling founder has in its own twist of irony been flipped upon its back and embraced as an outlet for rightful protest against all the myriad problems facing the honest and good people in the City of Rings. Think about it, Ring 99 is a pretty messed up place where people are dying every day. It's such a place where the most sane people might just be the ones who feel like the least: those who do nothing but vocally complain about everything and anything that is wrong, perceived, actual, or otherwise. And the best part is, they're probably right about the wrongs - but who will take them seriously?"


  • To compile a great list of all the things that are wrong with the City of Ills.
  • Offer legal/imposed representation to those who are unable or unwilling to complain.
  • To become such a powerful force of complaints and whining that people actually start listening and following our criticisms.
  • To cultivate an information network of complainers and whiners across the City of Ills (secret members permitted).
  • To become recognised by the Guildmasters and raise guildmembers from our number.
  • To attain ownership of the church of Ticker Square in the name of Anca Vaduva, see below.
  • Have our services eventually taken up and widely used, even in the Peerage and Ponds hubs.

The Ultimate Goals:

  • Raise a Guildmaster of Ticker Square from the Worshipful Guild of Complainful Whiners.
  • Successfully introduce and sustain the ring-wide worship of Anca Vaduva.

My character is Petronela Ardelean, one of The Ever Flowing Tears, a priestess of a small goddess devoted to pointless remorse and endless regret. For anyone who is interested in following this faith, as a part of this group or otherwise, the inspiration I wrote is below. As always, it is down to player action and DM decision how they actually appear in the game world.

Anca Vaduva
(small goddess of pointless regret and remorse)
Titles: Doamna de Regret, The Remorse
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Chaos, Good, Healing, Renewel, Suffering, Trickery
Favoured Weapon: Maces of all sizes

Most often depicted as a strikingly beautiful creature (of varying race depending on the situation) whose features are wracked with pain and loss, Anca Vaduva is the small god of pointless regret and wasteful remorse. Speculated to be an angel long ago cast out from The Golden City, one who carved out her own heart, she is called upon whenever someone is dwelling on past mistakes, unable to focus on the matter in hand whilst mired in self-pity.

Her clergy is small and highly focused on ritual and formality, operating without titles but knowing of each-other by their past actions. They are said to travel far and wide in search of people who suffer deep remorse, to record their woes and offer them as examples of The Remorse. Mistakenly seen by some as a seekers of truth in this regard, in actuality Anca Vaduva cares little for the nature of the troubles people face, only that others worship her by joining her in their self-pitying remorse without closure.

Whispers abound of a secretive organisation amongst her worshippers, including many cleric-rogues, who spread regret through subterfuge and spying to uncover dark secrets in the pasts of all, from prominent public figures to lowly farmers and barmaids. More than one aspiring Lord or politician has paid groats for the secrets they have uncovered, and lived to regret the manipulations they sow.

Dangerously temperamental, they say that Anca Vaduva is prone to rash actions - providing boons for dangerous decisions and curses for perceived slights - for over what else can she spend time in morose regret afterwards? Perhaps fortunately, her thoughtless actions and the practices of her clergy inspire more good than the harm they sow. In their wake, the travelling priesthood (sometimes inadvertently) spread good teachings, life lessons and parables of how to deal with the many dangers of life in The City.

Those favoured by Anca Vaduva are said to be rewarded for their morose faith. Announcing holy days of penitence, they are rumoured to lock themselves away, ingesting blessed deliriants, spending entire days and nights wallowing in self pity and reliving their past mistakes together.

PC Requirements
Alignment: Any
Class: Any (Crier's uniform is light armour, padded)
Race: Non-Monstrous

Potential character backgrounds, for inspiration:

  • A priest of Anca Vaduva who wishes to scribe and offer up in prayer the regrets of people from all over Ring Ninety-Nine, and uses The Worshipful Guild of Complainful Whiners as a front to record misery.
  • A true whiner who wishes to see all the woes of Ring Ninety-Nine recorded and shouted out, perhaps making a profit in the process.
  • A revolutionary who uses The Worshipful Guild of Complainful Whiners to incite change against the establishments of Ring Ninety-Nine.
  • A spymaster or information broker using The Worshipful Guild of Complainful Whiners as a front for their trade.
  • Enterprising merchants who want to capitalise on a new guild and seize standing in Ticker Square for themselves, by creating new revenue streams for the complainful whiners.
  • Tickers who wish to infiltrate the Peerage or the Ponds under the guise of spreading the services of the complainful whiners, to whatever conspiratorial ends they may reach.
  • Thugs, bruisers, toughs and dweebs who want to be the heavy handed protection for those who dare complain about the things no-one dares to complain about.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in game!
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I'm the Listener, and this is my favourite Guild in the City:

The Complainful Guild of Whiners

also known as

The Worshipful Guild of Complainers

Because if we don't complain, who will?!

Leave your complaints for the Listener in the box outside the Open Door. We'll make sure to represent your best interests in this City of Ills!
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Just an update. The Complainful Whiners are now known in game as Ticker Square's Most Worshipful Company of Criers!

We have a small but excellent system of Criers, information brokers and guards. We're slowly establishing ourselves and even have our own uniforms and badges. Thanks so much to Howlando!

The group is always slowly trying to expand and legitimise itself further. If you're interested in joining but have any questions, reach out to me on discord or in game.