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on: June 22, 2020, 09:53:30 PM

A blood-splattered note is splayed across the Golfaldian library desk, where Imir had spent the night in concentrated study. The Magus of Illusion's heart is pierced with an ice dagger. A half-empty bottle of wizard's wine rests in his stiff hand.

[ Day ?? :: Year ?? ]

I could not do it anymore, brothers. I am sorry Ailis, but all shall know that I was behind Master Golfaldus' death. This guilt has not left me and I will not have any of my brothers take this fall, a fault of my own. You have your scapegoat. The future is bright and I appreciate every single moment I have spent with each of you. Please, take on Ailis and teach her our ways, the ways I could not. This city must prosper under our counsel and guidance, our Golfaldian ways.

Forgive me for ever leaving my peaceful ways. The weight of the world weighs so heavy upon my shoulders, and I only hope that one day this city is beautiful once again, that the grand design comes to pass. I have made many mistakes, and I only wish we could go back to the days so young and so bright. Not knowing the road ahead of us, with our Master patting our backs and smiling upon us. I shall live through my writing. Read my journal, know how this has come to pass.

I tried to be strong. I tried to be stern, as Enfiro told me to do; but I know that I was not meant to live this through. Gathias was my beacon, the one who kept me upright. I never got to say goodbye to him, and now I shall meet him in the next life. I am sorry. Gods forgive me.

May you see the truth that you believe with your own eyes.


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