Author Topic: Scribe Alfonso Winneseph's Personal Notes.  (Read 24 times)

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on: May 23, 2020, 04:30:03 AM
We need a scribe willing to leave the safety here, and record the deeds of the esteemed ones beyond. The deeds of the Houses and their Retainers must be recorded. Darkness threatens the Peerage, boy... I must know better what is going on outside of these walls, boy. Do you understand? Darkness. Dissolution... I must count on you, boy. You will [prove my trust] Now go. Go, and bring plenty of fresh ink!

A.  A moment of repose:

Unnumbered time, my youth spent within the halls, and the Peerage proper. To wander about beyond and among the rabble and horrible conditions that plague these rings is daunting. I've no real skill with a blade, and words only gain you so much advantage, so I have some great hesitation. And yet, there is such a freedom of possibilities laid out before me. Alas, record keeping can be such a haphazard endeavour without dates, but by the grace of the Divine Alphabet, I might keep some sense of order.

I do wonder if the Nine-faced are to blame for the situation, if the numbers of the calendar were so cursed past nine that the whole thing was abolished. That the King let the cult not draw further power by seeking to control the very setting of the sun. I would not put it past it, but these are only thoughts.

 Most of the Retainers are fairly pleasant to speak with thankfully, at least some of the Houses keep good idea of knightly virtue and intelligence.