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on: May 23, 2020, 05:13:11 AM
[Left with Bhesk at the Merchants' Guildhall, for a certain employee's eyes only. Though the note is written with some immediacy,  and without a signature, some effort was made to place the arcane mark, as an officiated seal of sorts...]

My reliable researcher,

It has taken far too long to ensure my hopes in the chosen company were well-placed. I now hold confidence. I gave you my word I would not move without conferring with you first, and thus I write to you now. Yet I do so with urgency; time is running out to secure the contract. I must have your consent to offer the information, in order to see plans unfold as required...

Should I not hear from you by the next dawn, however, I fear I must act forward without blessing.  May all the gods forgive me... for I do only as feel necessary to see Ticker stand tall in days to come.