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on: July 01, 2020, 09:31:06 AM
Lifted wall and broke our earth
Slaves taken, children beaten
Even they had men of worth
Even they had one less cretin

Deep down within crumbled hall
He fled and wept his coward tears
Cold blood spilt; warlords dozen standing tall
Warm blood spilt; a great host with few fears

As'sitia and Git'inaya bled
Ha'toshi taken; now Szka'zul slaughtered too
Canals choked with rust and red
And still he lives, Truthseeker untrue

You join the dead in a time soon seen
Signed; Imperial Deathclaw Ta'maine, Who Walks Between


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on: July 01, 2020, 10:53:35 AM
Dear Imperial Deathclaw Taímaine, Who Walks Between,

     Well, what a little piece of poetry youíve sent to me. Out of the blue, from a hint of green, for a fellow terribly yellow. I would sigh and I would be sad, and I am but itís not the first time Iíve been.

     I fear you are gravely mistaken if you believe I have anything to do with your loss. When it came to that farce, that terrible lie, that monster who led people to damnation Ė it was a surreal nightmare. Somewhere, by some power I was pulled there, but I never wanted to be there. It was never somewhere I was meant to go. I wanted none of it, yet I was there, and there I bore witness to this Lord Trystan Moonspear and of him I saw some dark truth. Some inexplicable power wield even before this Prince of Nothing bore his crown. If you want justice or vengeance, it is him you seek.

     Of all the things I am, I am but a scholar. You seem to think I am not an advocate of the Truth; something that extends beyond empires Ė of man, of Sibilant, or any other. It is the truth of the very Realm, and there is only one way to gaze upon it. It is to look far and beyond and deeper into the City. At its centre Ė and from there we will know. We will know. The thing that lies there. Thatís the ultimate revelation. I donít know the basis for you to think I am untrue but perhaps you think Iíve somehow overlooked something, some aspect of the Sibilant Empire. But Iíve had no hand in the destruction of your people Ė I donít even think you are the true enemy.

     And I donít know you. Somehow you think you know me, but you donít. You know nothing about me, very few know me true. But you must have heard some rumours Ė thereís a lot of those. Most of them untrue. Perhaps it was that in the time of Luke Danebluff I told a few stories, to sate his ego Ė yes, he who would call himself Dorvant. But I am no Daring Sword, I have never been. I mean, how can an entire world exist on the foundation of four heroes overthrowing an empire and from it giving rise to a king Ė and thatís it, thatís all there is. Somethingís off, maybe you know, maybe you donít, maybe donít care. I just find it frustrating, and on top of that being condemned Ė for all the things I canít speak about openly? What you want from me is very useless though, itís senseless, itís pointless, itís meaningless, and itís just outright depressing.

     Iím sorry you think that I am worth your time. Youíre a poet though, and that seems rare. So I can do nothing short of return to you the favour of writing back. Perhaps you shall see a truth of my character, that I take things seriously, and that I do not dismiss anything out of hand. That I do not know everything, that I am ever committed to learning. Ah, well, this world is so full of senseless loss, and again, Iím sorry for your own. I wonít go on to make any further assumptions of you. But Iíd like to hope you arenít in favour of senselessness as well.

-   A.S.
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