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on: June 21, 2020, 02:01:14 AM
Darkness falls on the City of Rings as the smouldering ruins of Ticker Square raise smoke higher and higher. Intermingling with the clouds the beams of the moon's light pass through. Under the pale light of the moon in the sewers does a rat scamper and crawl. The water it climbs through flowing deeper and deeper, dripping down and winding deeper to the infamous Deeper Drips. A muddied boot creaks on waterlogged wood as the foul musk of wet fur fills the air. The infamous Rat Raft graced by guest in the tell-tale colors of Black and Red as figure takes seat and addresses the patrons. Garbled voice from copper mask in the dim candle light as tale begins..

"Already do many ask why would we aid Lord Freward?
What do we who so hate the Nobility have to gain? If a story is to be told it is best told from the beginning.
Weeks ago the famed Knave Hunt's peak as Guild shops were to be burned to win our favor a gift granted in fear and worry.
Taking the tithe I made for the Doorkeeper..."

Quote from: 05/16/2020
City Sending by Knave of 99, Copper Faced : Your tithe noted Guildmember. If you wish to deliver another light a black candle in your shop`s window.

"A gift which was passed to an ambitious young girl, buying supply and tool to court a lover who had fallen from grace, a guilt-riddled and desperate halfling..."

Quote from: 05/18/2020
City Sending by Jendel Stutterstep : Also, to the Knaves of 99. I am willing to make a tithe to the Old Grandfather. You`ll be able to find me if you put your mind to it.

City Sending by Knave of 99, Copper Faced : Tithe for Tat then my little Cherub of the Scarab. Burn a Guildmember`s property and two Apprentice will die. Sabotage the Rumor Mill`s Printer and Four of the Eight shall be my date. Slay a Guildmember and each thread of Golfaldus will be severed in full.

City Sending by Knave of 99, Copper Faced : When your choice made leave a bottle of wine and a note at the Rat Raft for the Black Bodice.

"Hours later though would come deepest lament as the sun rose and with it a pyre...but where one lover perish a beautiful woman always has more awaiting."

Quote from: 05/18/2020
City Sending by Gathias Kelt : I w-will not lie, people of 99. Th-the halfling is burnt t-to a crisp, b-by my hand. H-he claims th-that he posted his bounty, th-that will go effective i-immediately after his death... To the knave th-that took this deal, and any Recondites th-that may have been paid... Pursue i-it for a dead employer.

City Sending by Knave of 99, Copper Faced : After dear Jendel`s heroic demise I feared the worst. Imagine my surprise to receive a bouquet from the Copper Torc. Is this...courtship? Oh I hope my brothers and father approve I know for certain my Grandfather already does. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me...

"It would be two days later the first blow struck against Webber's Wonders, sealed in blood and fire!
As weeks went on the workings of my brothers to slay the Secretary Bhask, the end of the Merchant's Guild!
Even the workings of my Sister to rob the Baron d'Pomfrey... Why? Well why else of course..."

Quote from: 06/02/2020
City Sending by Knave of 99, Copper Faced : A deep thank you to my friends for clearing out the guards from that estate! Without your timely assistance I could not have retrieved these lovely portaits for the gallery and passed my initiation test. You shall one and all always have a place in my heart.

City Sending by Knave of 99, Copper Faced : Perhaps one day our paths shall cross again and I can repay you. [A mocking feminine laughter as the whisper ends]

City Sending by Larken Blake : Good day. I am Larken Blake. I am sorry to tell you all a terrible truth, though the truth must be unveiled. I erred in my judgement, and it was I that the Knave fooled. While the Baron deserved what he got, his guards did not.

City Sending by Ignasius Runebeard : "Reader Runebeard, Mystic Priest of thae Stone speakin. Thae City lives. It proveds and it takes with great sorrow i say myself and a group of five others were tricked by a dainty woman knave into slaughtering the guards of a cruel baron-

City Sending by Ignasius Runebeard : -The baron deserved such a fate the man were a peice of shite, but his gurads nae deserved such they were only paid tae guard him and his land. Thae lesson oi and all other should take from this is that even when yer tryin tae do good sometimes bad can come of it if ye rush in too fast."

"From one little candle lit, from a few paintings stolen, some well placed explosives spread word and deed in the shadows as our ranks flourished.
 If a Guild could fall, if a Baron could fall? What else could be done?
What heights could be reached?
You ask my dark brothers and sisters why we aid the Lord Freward?
Come now surely you know the answer..."

Quote from: 06/19/2020
City Whisper
Torc Emissary: Grandfather, Old Grandfather. I have a prayer to make. I owe you your dues, and would offer you them and more. I shall wander where none would see, come and find me, and hear my prayer.

City Whisper
Morrok Boulderbeard: Make yer prayers to the stone ye bug buggerers. Else make preparations for Ticker to be yer tomb and crush yer bones to dust. The stone has spoken.

City Whisper
Niven Scurlock: This is Niven! Alphonso and I shall be attending to a wretch who thinks he can claim the title lord without answering. We seek brave gallants to put the knave to rights! Kindly gather at the bridge and we'll set off on a fine jaunt. //Max 8

City Whisper
Knave of 99, Copper Faced: In the shadows, under the pale light of the moon, by torchlight and in darkness, may He watch me, may He guide me, may He bless my thiefing. Gold, baubles, and riches beyond reckoning I offer to him that I might survive another night, that I might serve, in turn, his Dark Design.

-- DM shout: -- A rare, peaceful moment in Ticker. In the middle of the war, for a moment, it seems nothing sinister at all is probably happening. Merchants shout loudly, gouging their customers, aribiter idle, glassy eyed and bored. --

-- DM shout: ---- A brief, horrified screaming from the Rumor Mill. Followed by an enraged Priscilla Klink quieting her workers, and declaring to the gathering crowd that there is nothing to worry about. --

Quote from: 06/19/20
City Whisper
Knave of 99, Copper Faced: Stop the presses..Rat Fink Klink wants you to think she has your interest at heart. Hiding away from your streets like an ashamed little tart. The Shadows are -HIS-, deception is -HIS-. Your gambit failed and your double wailed as my blade pierced her Heart! This is His design...

"We acted because we were asked! Proper respect and tithing given as any faith.
Grandfather's design intoned boldly for the world to see and proper tithing offered.
What price you ask? Take a listen to the tale's end and and see if you cannot draw your own conclusions..."

Quote from: 06/20/20
City Whisper:
Sir Nicholas Velstra
... Let me tell you something, 'Lord' Freward. I hear you didn't show your face until the end of the fighting; I can tell you one thing: a man who walks behind his army is not a leader. He is a trophy. You can conquer all the rings you like - medals won't save you from a duellist's blade.

Quote from: 06/20/20
City Whisper:
Knave of 99, Copper Faced
[An impish voice, with a tinny echo.] Good evening! I wish for you all to know that Priscilla Klink died alone and dismayed, her name offered to His ledger. Ticker Square has accrued quite a debt, their arrogance and pride all small stones leading towards a larger avalanche- and now He has gotten His due.

Thanks given to Ordyn Ravenshylde. Your tithe received, and your life spared. Thanks given to Meatklyffs killers, who left Klink without defenses. Remember and revere Old Grandfather, and your lives will improve! This I promise you.

Welcome to His Dark Design, Ring 99

"Well, what do you think of the tale?
One need not be Diviner see what comes next.
The Red Queen's hand influences all affairs.
Spread this far and wide to the surface above:
Ticker Square stolen in Grandfather's Name.
The Temple soon opens."

At this a jar shatters and smoke fills the Rat Raft's space.
Vanishing the man with the Copper Face.