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on: July 26, 2020, 02:11:41 PM
Weeks upon countless weeks have words flown and flyer flung through the City of Rings...
Of the Seals of Harad allegedly bound by the King in ancient of magics in a Prison beneath the 99th Ring.
Of Peerage agression to curb the release as men and women harassed and some even slain for the transgression.

Perun Carves-The-Faces
I have gathered what I need, Gladiator. Any who would aid in unsealing Harad the Stone Titan find way to Open Door. Warning to next peer that ambushes me. You will be slain, or your pack taken in whole to divvy to those who aid.

-- DM Shout: A slaying in the Spinning Groat; to the affront to few and the cheering of many.
-- DM Shout: The rumors of yet another traitor dealt with. --
-- DM Shout: Glory to the King! --

On Harad

Saibhon Dumein
Phys.; Mend.


A terrible force is at work in these Rings. Seals that have come undone, one after another, due to the works of those who do not give careful attention nor due care of consideration to the gravity of the situation.

A being called Harad sleeps even now, shaking at the padlock upon the jailhouse door that binds him fast upon the works of the King. His crimes are unknown, but his guardians are ancient beings, clothed in the emblems of the royalty of this city.

I have seen them in full: creatures of ancient bearing, preserved in unlife. They fail before the assault of positive energies. They are monsters, surely, maintained by necromantic artifice. Their royal sigils might even be worn in false pretense, for to maintain a creature in a state of false life through necromancy is against the laws that the Inquisitors would otherwise maintain.

But their state implies a false choice. For a being imprisoned by a monster does not mean that you are not a monster yourself. Harad and his herald shake upon the doors, yet offer no claim of innocence. I felt the creeping horror when the first seal was undone, despite my efforts. The power that lurks within shall not benefit these rings. Let Harad's herald name in full the crimes for which Harad was condemned by the King! Let this herald issue a full response to the guilt of each!

Nothing good will come of sounding about in blind ignorance through misused, malignant Will. Nor will good come from destroying the guardians or in the releasing the bound Harad. Beware it. If the creature is by any measure near to the power of those that guard his bindings, it will be a terrible force indeed.

-- DM Shout: A youngster reaches for a stale pretzel, hungry in desperation; his hand is caught by a brute.
As punishment, the child will venture through life singlehanded from now.
The fourth seal of Harad has been broken. --

Enfiro Ajoure
Listen well to a wizard's words. Many horrors have been sealed away, for the good of all. Do not heed Harad's call. Only doom and madness can follow his escape.

-- DM Shout: A woman wakes from a softly sweet and dreamless sleep.
In the golden glint of the morning, the last thing she glimpses is the flash of a downward arcing hatchet.
The seventh Seal of Harad has been broken. --

Alphonso Winneseph
Ejahri Mars, a woman I did not know, a name I learned but moments ago. She should be upon the lips of all dutiful servants of the King, for she gave herself to complete the Seal. To keep Harad of Harrowvale bound. Trust not the empty promises of fortune and favor. Remember her sacrifice.

Once more though in recent days the final seals of Harad begin to surface anew.
Peerage Retainers speaking out boldly of curbing this threat each time his name raised even once over the Whispers of the Doorkeepers.

-- DM Shout: Rumors quickly spread about the reappearance of some of the enigmatic Harad's seals appearing throughout the underbelly of the city.
Some even say the entrance to his prison may be found deep below where the vermin make their home.. --

Herald of Harad
Listen now to the words of Harad's Herald. Gold and glittering baubles, great treasures from yore, are even now being being offered by the noble Harad... release him from his cruel imprisonment!

Holo Fynn
If anyone knows anything about this Seal business, please make a sending or tell me in person!

Asharina Winespill
This is Asharina Winespill. Since some of you are unaware, the being known as 'Harad' was sealed away by the King's will. Any who attempt to break the seals, or are found assisting this prisoner will be executed for treason. Ignorance does not grant you mercy. Thank you.

This morning came a garbled, tinged with metal voice taking to speak upon the edge of night as dawn lazily approaches.
Words twisted and sing-songy, oddly playful notes spoken aloud,
undermining the many terrible and dark names intoned,
and even darker intent of Knavery

Knave of 99, Copper Faced
In the shadows, under the pale light of the moon, by torchlight and in darkness, may He watch me, may He guide me, may He bless my thiefing. Gold, baubles, and riches beyond reckoning I offer to him that I might serve another night, that I might serve, in turn, his Dark Design.

Tchun. Pzatharun. Ngog who would steal and Ozod who would slay. Scarvall the Stray and the Hounds that Bray. The Timeless One. The Hidden One. Copper Torcs scattered. The Prince Moonspear of Nothing, foe of all that mattered. Bonecollector lay down your shovel, Scragglethief leave your hidden hovel. Your kindly old Grandfather entreats you.

I hereby invoke The Code.

The Great Houses sit on high after bridling Ring Ninety Nine and installing their precious parliament. Listen closely though and you can easily hear the crack in the voice. Just there. Do you hear it? The quiet quake and dim rattle. There is one magic word that sends them into palest terror and ends all prattle.


He is so very close to freedom and what a delight it would be for the pompous in livery who sit lilly livered as allies in victorious peace growing complacent. Break a seal affixed by the King and you shall have one favor, no questions asked, to call upon from the Knaves of the 99th Ring.

What more respectable crime is there than breaking a fellow criminal free of confinement?

And like illegal clockwork mere moments later does another Peer swiftly respond.
Not only to spark once more the threat of harshest punishment but this time entreating for higher aid.

Niven Scurlock
This is Niven. It is at this point I feel the need to remind everyone once again that you will be executed as the lowest traitor for breaking a seal to Harad. Furthermore, I will offer a 2000 gold bounty to anyone that can provide information that reveals a means to kill the imprisoned once and for all.

I hope others will add to this bounty- Finally, I call on the Royal Court Wizard to rise to his station and find a means to keep the prisoner bound. This is a magical threat which threatens all 99 - lead us.

Will threat and bounty be enough to cease the opening of seal?
Or will Dark Design come to light with promises of the Herlad's Prizes and the Knaves' Deal?


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on: July 31, 2020, 06:11:25 PM
Stars twinkling over head, clouds swirling about the waxing moon,
Sellswords in an otherwise subdued and quiet Ticker Square gazing out into the gloom.
And just like that...

-- DM Shout: A pot-bellied merchant hawks his wares loudly in the midst of Ticker Square.
He is jovial, honest in his prices and commendable in his dealings.
From one moment to the next, he takes his final breath before proceeding to choke on it.
He leaves behind five children and a blind wife. --

-- DM Shout: The ninth seal of Harad has been broken. --

-- DM Shout Only one remains. --

Herald of Harad
[A disembodied voice.] Yes!! So long.. so long.. and freedom is nigh, it is imminent, it is within reach. BREAK THE FINAL SEAL AND SEE YOURSELVES SMOTHERED IN GLITTERING TREASURE!! It is yours.. it is all yours...

Niven Scurlock
Is everone mad with planar sickness?! Here, let me add to the bounty. In addition to 2000 gold, I'll up it to 3000 gold. And will throw in prizes of a mystical and unspecified quality and amount, just like this lying Herald. Bring me Harad's secrets before it's too late!

Naemearca Rivaldes
The Wayward grants vision. The King and just and he is great, but he knows well the worth of Elves. I shall see now for myself. The King and just and he is great, but he knows well the worth of Elves. I shall see now for myself.

Your King knows what you deny, his guardians speak it. The Wayward bless the people, though the time of prisons is near an end.

Herald of Harad
So close.. so long. Free the mighty Harad, small peoples of these Rings! Glory and glittering bauble you seek? It shall be granted. Fame and fantastic fortune? It is yours. Break the final seal of his prison, but be warned... the creatures that guard it are not easily bested.

Unkept hours later comes further and final tempting...

Knave of 99, Copper Faced
The Wayward cracked a Seal. True favor they may now claim. Far from a raggedy band in the Ponds they've come. Do you seek the same for your up and coming gang? Your necromantic cabal? Devilish consortium? Shatter the final seal and shake the world with your will, make your name known, and you too may call upon illicit favor.

Only one remains.


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on: August 02, 2020, 07:57:40 AM
It began of course as it ever did,
with a Duello.
The peerage's honor on fairest display,
as fellow battled fellow.
A crowd drawn from the bridge into the Commons of the King,
Sparking chaos and strife all across the 99th Ring.
Escalation as the Scribes would Tell,
Of Conspiracy, of Assassination, of lives which fell.

One piece of the Trial's notes spread in quietest circulation,
Scattered and littered all over 99 by any estimation.

Quote from: Records left for the Royal Archivist by Scribe Alphonso of the Divine Alphabet
Sunpurse Retainer Neela Orystir:

Spied how? Divination?

Velstra Retainer Rafaela Harcourt:

Correct. Gervasy offered the elves a "mercy." He bid them to serve his House in his effort to see Velstra and Nephezar purged of "impurity."

He sought to incite war within our Ward. Present at this meeting were the Ix's, Niven, Yrna, and Gervasy himself.

They detected my intrusion shortly afterwards and saw the room warded from sight.

Shortly after this, the elves "escaped" and murdered a retainer of Nephezar in cold blood. Duncan, I believe his name was.

Sunpurse Retainer Neela Orystir:

I just have to ask, why not issue duel immediately upon hearing this conspiracy?

Ser Jouvander Vindascas:

Yet, Sunpurse came fourth to face Gervasy for killing an elf? And an elven claiming to be apart of the Warband just attacked me in the Commons. I am tired of hearing them tarnish the name of my dead fellow.

From Trial to Duel and the Yemani Cult's ferocity on display.
No faith has ever so gripped the Peerage some say.
Who rose from obscurity to claim Orzan Knight's ear,
Who rose from nothing to claim the Cowl and all to fear.
Though it would be victory for Velstra and the small family Harcourt,
Prayers to the Nine-Faced God echoing in retort.

Before affair could be laid though to rest,
Before duvet could be pulled upon tired noble breast
Another voice would echo with auld accent,
Once used for lilting poetry and beauty now ill intent.

The ravenous, cannibalistic elves smelled blood in the water.

Naemearca Rivaldes
Harcourts of Velstra. You were called once and others came. The Wayward still seeks words with you before things progress. Seek us soon.

-- DM Shout: Soon --

Herald of Harad

-- DM Shout: NOW. --

-- DM Shout: 'YEEEESSSSS....' --

-- DM Shout: The Drips rumble, vermin, spiders and wererats fleeing the depths of the outer rings.. --

Head of Harad


At long last freed the terrible titan so long imprisoned by the King,
Forever at the behest of Ser Vindacas of the Elves would Peerage bards Sing

Sir Jouvander Vindascas
To no ones suprise the nefarious elves of House Velstra and their companions have actually helped the Waywards elves of the Ponds in releasing the Head of Harad. And even more troublesome the other retainers are seeming to even think about freeing the last 50 seals.

Sir Jouvander Vindascas
This would surely damn us. But this comes to no ones surprise these Nefarious elves parading as Retainers. They've already tried to poison the minds of others that their causes are holy and their intentions to kill my fellows was some conspiracy.

I believe in the Peerage, I know they've tried to trick us all but we have not fallen for it. We will condemn these traitors for what they truly are.

Of Conspiracy, of Sloth, echoes his Lady of Wedded Ring

Niven Vindascas
How many times have I warned the Rings about the dangers of Harad? I have called for those concealing his secrets to find me and offered generous bounty to be met with naught. A sole voice amongst indolence and greed.

You talk of conspiracies? What of the conspiracy of silence - this sloth against the threats that assail our ring and city? Yet you fools claw claw his secrets to your heart and follow the trail into the woods thinking you will find riches at the end.

Witness now the woe you've unleashed upon us. I can only hope that those that have unleashed the misery give their lives honourably upon the horror and save us all the trouble. In service to the King and House Ozra, Lady Niven Vindascas.

Anyone with remose for this and can provide any clue as to how to defeat the abomination may find me at Castle Ozra. You will receive no bounty, but your lives.

Anyone with remose for this and can provide any clue as to how to defeat the abomination may find me at Castle Ozra. You will receive no bounty, but your lives.

From the Knaves of Nine Nine though comes tales of a darker thing

Knave of 99, Copper Faced
There there, Poppet. Dunnae be gettin' yer flashy new orange knickers in a twist. Maybe iff'n y'spent maer time thinkin' with that thing betwixt y'ears than knockin' on a knight's bedpost t'climb a bit hire y'be easier able to see th'Dark Design. Sloth ain't got nothin' to do with it.

Ticks were easy, eh? Bit'o'patterflash, robberies, Coppertorc. What's a Peer fear though? Be a roight proper riddle. Luck'ere 'course be I love me a riddle. The answer were plain an' clear. Me precious Harad'Quessir, me lovely little Knave-Ears, you lot stirred'em into such a frenzy. They only needed a bit o'kindling and some oil... Welcome to th'Dark Design.

Many call it further coincidence,
Others would claim it sad delusion,
They claim Criminals manipulating matters ill convenient,
Some though mutter in staunchest agreement.

Weeks and weeks ago in the throes of the Torc War did the Knaves find their way into the Ward amidst great distraction.

Quote from: June 04, 2020
City Sending by Knave of 99, Copper Faced : Yes...yes. There it is. Do you hear it Grandfather? The choir of the voice of Angels...the Hin woman`s Flute...The strings pulled...Such a symphony. And here comes crescendo! Conniving Retainers, Complainers, and would be Maimers rejoice. Your deeds of late in Ring Nine Nine have been met with RIGHTEOUS gratitude for he is so very proud of you. A direct line to Grandfather now awaits you in the Catacombs of the Peerage.

For fell Ritual undertaken during this distraction...

If you wish something stolen, if you wish someone slain, or to bring a rival shame you need only take up a Quill. Scribble a note and leave your name without fear for only HIs Faithful may gaze upon your prayers. Leave word and leave prayer...Praise Grandfather.

And soon after did the scattered and hunted Harad'Quessir begin to find traction...
Organized into a terror the likes of which from the Subhumans the Peerage Ward had never seen such guerilla action.
Unlike previous this time it was not the Ponds that was purged.
From cruel Immortals with illest morals Peerage violence surged.
Among the dead named Retainers of House Nephezar, House Velstra, House Orza, Blackjacks too.
Majority not of the Changeling, nor the Knave-Ears, but blood run Blue.
The so long sealed and mysterious Titan Harad Freed,
Tales of Treason and Conspiracy and Peerage Greed.

...Surely a coincidence.
...Surely a delusion.
...Fools claiming others success.
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