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on: July 29, 2020, 10:40:43 PM
Hello, upcoming Saturday I would like to hold another (murderous) prelude, intended specifically for new  main characters. No existing characters can join and no alts. You get a prelude, some starting gear, start around level 5-6, an existing background with history and vested goals and, finally,  if you survive this permadeath prelude: a great quest to undertake, successful completion of which warrants a Minor Victory in EFU CoR.

For generations now two minor peerage families- the Redwheats and the Halemonts - have squabbled bloodily with one another, each one proclaiming themselves to be the descendants of one of the cadet branches of one of the Great Houses, touting a single vested ancestor, Embeth Stirck - supposedly Dorvant the Daring's grandson - as their family's patriarch. Now, after almost a century, there appears finally the opportunity to put this red-riven vendetta between the two families to rest. The question then remains: whom do you call 'father'?

Looking to hold the prelude somewhere about 7 to 8 PM GMT. Message me or SkillFocus:pwn on Discord if you are interested.

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