Author Topic: In response to the false accusations made by Neela of house Sunpurse  (Read 65 times)

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If you think me so stupid to hire an assassin to begin with, do you seriously think i'd send some pond-assassin a -SIGNED- letter?   If i wanted you dead, i could have killed you when i had you face down, unconcious in the commons after you tried to kill me.  You live because i LET you live.  I would suspect this to be some scheme of yours to smear my name and my house's name, but the notion that a Sunpurse could afford an assassin, even as a fake, is laughable.

But you better hope i don't see you any time soon because when i do, i -will- be invoking duello for this stupid accusation.  Should you refuse, i might be satisfied with collecting armors from Sunpurse retainers until your house cannot afford your cowardice any longer (I suspect they will not be able to afford it after the first suit).

I reject your stupid accusations and you and yours best start preparing for duello.

-Cantor Bjarney