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These postings are NOT the official Scribbling Mouther broadsheets. These postings are the Scribbling Mouther broadsheets' broadsheets. In other words, these shall provide a weekly update of the openings and opportunities available to you or your small business as it concerns our upcoming issue. Such services and offers include:

Advertising Slots for THIS WEEK'S ISSUE: 0 remaining (200 groats for 30 words!)

Obituary Slots for THIS WEEK'S ISSUE: 1 remaining (50 groats for 50 words!? Wow!)

Pester Wester: Send in a question to Wester McGinty and have it featured with a well-thought out answer in this week's Entertainment and Obituary page! FREE!

A Tip for a Tip: We will pay a bounty of up to 500 groats for information leading to a smashing headline.

Contact Wester McGinty or Pepper Possum at the Door to take advantage of these opportunities
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