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on: September 07, 2020, 11:51:04 AM
Some of you I have had pleasurable chance to work with, others I have had the fair chance to work for, and all too many seem to recognize me as the gentleman whose business cards have been found in odd places up and down these outer rings.

This evening I have returned from the ruins of the Lost Kingdom of Agartha of which the Royal Excavation Company itself was said to have long searched in the pursuit of. I did this not with some grand mandate nor with some robust band of men and women at my beck and call. Alone did I search, and alone did I find, a fair trove of fortune to commence a new life in this City I've come to call home. To that end I have enlisted the aid of the professional Dungeoneer Alaric Hardigan who shall be joining as my first recruit in the creation of a new company up and down this City I have awoken in.

As I shall be needing some friends and companions to invest this fortune in, over the next few days time I will be calling upon favors. Some old, some new, and chances aplenty to see my company prosperous. Our adventures shall be manifold and our discoveries robust. Keep on your ears and keep eye for further flyer.

Interested parties are welcome to take the initiative to seek me before affairs solidify if they wish discuss future possibilities.  Be forewarned I shall be exceedingly strict in my choosing and am seeking close knit partners of high esteem and dedication.

I seek disciplined men and women who will follow orders in the field and support our cause fully without parsed loyalties or half-footed measure.

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