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on: September 09, 2020, 08:42:16 AM
An evening of hostilities in which House Nephezar's bounty on Naemearca of the Wayward claimed and Sunpurse's pursuit of their remnant forces leads to the hanging of a young female elven songstress in the Steadings.

DM Shout
-- The body of the Wayward leader plummets from the balcony... --
-- And explodes in a spray of blood all over the streets --

Shortly thereafter a dour, grey Butler in black and brown garb is seen departing from the Steadings and raising small flyers in the Burgage, Peerage Ward proper, and Ticker Square.

The Jackdaw and The Eagle
An evening of Dinner Theater and the fate of Naemearca the Wayward

The Laughing Lord's jowls quiver with excitement as he howls in ecstasy.
I will not dishonor the deceased, as an Archaeologist such things I hold firm,
But it is my hope that this ushers forth a time of prosperity and growth rather than the gripping destruction.

The Tournament called and it is a time for celebration, excess,
Merchants selling their wares to those who would prove themselves in festival and the pelting of groats upon cobbles as hailstones upon tin roof.
That mercenaries may find work, that all may know joy, and that exchanges of fortune prevail.

Many have already asked so I shall answer this but once: I will not be publicly recounting the tale of what transpired out of respect for the Deceased.
The last I will say on the matter is a warning that the clutching of groats and hording wealth never benefits one's fate. Spend and thrive. To that end:

Those who do wish to hear the tale I shall provide as a service of merriment and entertainment over a delicious meal and intimate surrounding.
To each of the Peerage Houses I offer one Retainer and two chosen guests a chance for free in exchange for the woes faced by their Houses.
To the public I offer a chance for the sum of 1,500 groats to groups of three or fewer in private evening.

Arrangements may be made by word left at my Nest.

Etzio Algaretti
The Jackdaw
Unearther of Agartha
Named Elfio the Elf Slayer by His Esteemed Holiness Nicodemus Nephezar
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