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on: September 16, 2020, 05:44:27 AM
A dour grey butler is seen plastering flyers around Ring 99's Ticker Square and the Peerage Ward

Greetings and Salutations! If you are reading this then I have piqued your interest to stop for a moment and consider the Awoken. Each of us finding ourselves in this new and odd city sit with nothing to our name save our Smallgods given talents and cunning. Some choose to find themselves among the Guilds, others the Houses, some even pursuing path their own in the King's Challenge. I say to you this: Why choose?

Among Ticker Square I have gone from being paid by the Delver's Guild for scouting reports to using my archaeologically found fortunes commissioning skilled artists and my Rough Cut Roughnecks!

Among the Peerage Ward I have gone from being paid as petty muscle of House Khwajar to remove unwanted guests from their fair gallery to be gifted title by Lord Niccodemus Nephezar!

Among the King's Challenge I have gone from my solo excavations in Ring Ninety Five to securing offers of aid from the Great Houses, from many Ring Running Companies, and more!

I ask of you my friends, my former clients, and fair folk of the realm - Who better suited to represent The Awoken in the King's Festival?

I pray Phanax's opulent fortunes spread from our business together enough to secure your signatures.

Etzio Algaretti
The Jackdaw
Unearther of Agartha
Named Elfio the Elf Slayer by His Esteemed Holiness Nicodemus Nephezar
Commander of the Rough Cut Roughnecks

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If it is the will of the realm's folk, certain others will be given points -- and allowed to contend with the Champions.

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