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on: September 16, 2020, 09:28:39 AM
The Changeling's Plight

By A.S.

In all my travels,
Never hath I seen,
Something so miserable,
As the changeling's scream.

Oh how they weep,
And cry and creep,
Wishing it all were,
Just a horrible dream.

But I have walked and I have seen,
The world upon which they've,
Shrieked and keened.

I ask them why,
'tis it they cry,
They look to the sky,
Then down to the place,
They go to die,
And gaze upon my face,
To tell me of this place.

Oh the tales they tell,
Of how all's unwell,
How they've seen it all,
Yet can no longer hear,
Because they fear,
Something is wrong,
So terribly wrong.

And so they fight,
To make it right,
But I think they forget,
I think they lose sight,
Of that which is true,
And thus themselves too,
To darkest night.

And so it is,
Through wrong and right,
We come to learn,
The changeling's plight.
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