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on: September 15, 2020, 02:18:25 AM

Hark! The time grows neigh, to bid this world I love, goodbye.
My journey ended, my battles won, yet still I question what I’ve done.
As the Waters take my soul to sleep,  still I question who my friend will keep?
Shall I go to rest beyond, will the they weep for me, gone?

These things are not for me to fear, for the Waters are whirling near.
Soon I shall know peace foretold. I only wish I were old.

Goodbye this world I love. Till we see eachother once more -

It is better to die a hero, than live to see yourself become the villain.

I have a fair amount of screenshots, but I'll try to boil it down to what matters - I don't want to gloat.

Backstory: She was a bastard child, her mother having fled to Ticker among the rebellion, and her father dying in it. She grew up working hard alongside other such bastards - one being Trystan De Grey - before finding the waters, and making her way as a young adult studying and working as a mercenary. Thus, she became a rather comedic example of a priestess, about to go on a journey of a lifetime.

Creation Date: 2020-06-15 21:22:00


As you might tell, she did a fair amount of significant, and good, things in her life. Yet, lets start at the beginning, shall we?

At the Beginning...
Valatina, fresh out of the lowbie circuit, was pulled along on a mission by Priscilla Klink to free the debt-slaves from the Vault. It didn’t turn out so well.

But she impressed the Sons of Conquest, and at the request of her childhood friend, Trystan De Grey, joined.

She was a shorter woman then, leading to quite hilarious situations. I swear a dm made her taller.

But, in the middle of a war, there is always loss.

Valatina fought in a dangerous quest among many heroes to slay the Kasseax Queen - -- In ring 100, those risking death gather in a grim line. Their names to be remembered: Loric, Inquisitor Tristan, Valentina, Erlik, Godfrey, Merildir, Pebby, Bido, Beremud, Bergron, Larken, Tay'fi, and Mandy. --
 Those that survived, became swift friends and for a select few - sisters and brothers.
-- The survivors and Jeffry return to ring 100, victorious. Bloodied... much fewer... but great. Each one, a hero...---- And they return to a failing defense, and a falling ring... --

Yet only a few did. Valatina, Erlik, Merlidir, Mandy, and Tay’fi.

Most, she was unable to put to rest. But one? She buried within the Waters, ensuring their peace forever. Oh, should I mention Trystan was the last scion of House De Grey, rightful owners of Grey Keep? She duo’d with Trystan with the intent of reaching 71 and claiming it.

Obviously, there was some sleepless nights. Sarah was especially savage.

Valatina fought hard throughout the Torc War, taking part in the final battle and helping to ensure Krown’s demise…

 Yet Glitt only joined at the request of the retainers - And, with Valatina pledging her service. And so began the middling part of her life.

The middling…

She looked badass after joining Glitt.

She joined an adventuring band among a few friends. Together, they made it to the ninety second.

A few escapades, along the way…

Yet always, there is a turning point. Special thanks to @tinfoilhat. She was the one that turned Valatina from merely flirting with the idea of dedicating herself, to actually *DOING* what was right. There’s a lot of missed context, but essentially they were arguing why Valatina would not stand up to an infernalist.

Valatina then began to stand up for what was right.

She traveled the plains, for her friends...

A Slaver - Later known as Clarence De Foye - began to hunt down a man by the name of Joseph Null. And, having sworn to defend him? She did. She fought a duel to the death the day after, and layed the man to rest after converting him to the Waters.

She fought Elvur Al-Urv, Forever Cursed *three times* and made him flee. Always with 3 people or less.

But eventually, the days took their toll. Her friends started to die. And so, she gave those she could the best gift she had.

Not all is dreary, though! Her friend, Merlidir of the Wayward - One of the survivors of the Torc War - brought to her an orphan. Valatina considered what to do with the child...

She did the right thing - And adopted her. Her name? Melody - for Merlidir, who saved her - Lucretia Felton.

And then I took a month long break to deal with real life, and so ended the middle part of her life.


The End.

I don’t have many from the end of her life. There’s not much to say, except for the very very end. She took part in helping for the tourney. Took care of a few plots, was heavily involved in ringrunning and helping to organize future endeavours - But her primary goal was helping a friend. One who she had stood by and had been helped by since the near beginning.
So she began a ritual. Her friend had complete faith in her. Again, an untrained merely human priestess, attempting to reach out to the divine? Surely doomed to failure. The results were laughable.

Yet still, she was offered a choice.

The ending was sure. The rest? Private. Yet one thing is certain…



She had only one bit of personal loot. The Ever-Dripping Blade. Typo and all.


And so ends Valatina. It was a blast! I’ll see you all soon.

And remember…

It is better to die a hero than live to see yourself become  the villain.
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on: September 15, 2020, 02:34:15 AM
A very cool and involved Cleric. Sad to see her go, but she has left a very real legacy, I'd say that's #goals for any Cleric on EfU! <3
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on: September 15, 2020, 02:40:06 AM
Right in the old heartstrings!

I'm glad I got to be part of such an amazing characters journey! o7


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on: September 15, 2020, 02:44:04 AM
A very good cleric! I'm glad to have seen a good deal of her story. :)