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on: December 03, 2020, 09:34:09 PM
ENTRY: 243
DATE: ? ? ?

Winter is fast approaching. The men and I requisitioned what we could from what's left of the granary. Those goblinoid saboteurs were clinical in their operations. Our intelligence was unable to confirm the extent of their mole domestication program. Only that it must have been a very costly affair. A costly affair indeed. We would know. Special Project X has proved more complex than anticipated, despite its lack of fanfare. The Enemy immediately detected our double bluff of a land-based messenger bird system. But we've passed the point of no return. The work must continue.

Despite a number of unexpected setbacks, the fortress is nearing full operational capacity. A Special Operative of the Brigade appraised the stomping grounds some nights ago. Of course, we passed the preliminary inspection with flying colors... However, the issue of flooding remains the most dire of all. Such a glaring flaw leaves us susceptible to amphibious attacks from sibilant agents. We have doubled the nightly guard. I pray it will be enough. And with the Colonel's imminent arrival, it simply must be enough.

When Esviyaeth Kazhruszas and the Legion of Black Light return to usher in their prophesied age of darkness, they'll have a rude awakening...