Author Topic: [Burgage - Buying] Abyss-Walking goods.  (Read 149 times)

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on: September 29, 2020, 06:07:50 AM
Skybloom lives, somewhere.

This is our hope, us last two in service to an honorable family, lost to Tyrant Time.

While Nothing rains upon the 99th, in hopes of expanding its domain, we begin our search, for a family we are sworn to.

Desir,  my sister in arms, travels inwards, towards His Majesty's throne.

I travel outwards, where the nights are moonless and with stars that stare back.

To do this, I need a few things;

One: a means to see in the dark without light. Drawing attention in a place where men aren't welcome is sure to draw an expedition to a quick close.

Two: Protection against negative energy. Where the earth withdraws and Nothing remains, protection to see my walk through the void would help.

Three: Potions of levitation. Ground may eventually fade. Flight may save what's worth saving of me.

Contact Aileen Ladenshorf at the Blind Eye Tavern on the Weald to peddle your wares!