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on: October 03, 2020, 05:58:10 PM
[A bulletin can be found on the many boards throughout the rings...]

Hello reader,

Are you in desperate need of what one might normally associate within the category of a 'thief?' Woefully underequipped to handle the greater challenges that this city presents? Then hire the services of Alaric Hardigan; Expert spelunker, trained explorer, and professional dungeoneer.

If you need a guide through any Ring up until the 89th, I am able to oblige.  To avoid baiting one 'Hound' I will mention that this does not mean I will solve anything and everything, my services exist solely as a guide who can assist you in uncovering secrets or finding what might otherwise be hidden. Uncovering what was lost and begs to be found.

If you require information, I am able to broker such, so long as it does not conflict with the previous statement. My library, which is full of the knowledge I have gained in the local rings, is available for a small library fee.

Should you want to leave me letter or make an in-person request, please see to the Blind Eye out in the Weald. I have an office suite set up there and am able to host any who desires it.

Alaric Hardigan, Dungeoneer.