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on: October 13, 2020, 06:35:17 AM
Holy Book of the Lord & Lady

Psalms of the Departure

By Alberic Steelsworn - Blessed Gallant IV "The Oathbreaker"

For the Departed

“Where art thou, oh Lord, who hath gone away?”

“Look for the Sun’s light and you shall find me, a Promise I make for you.”

Prayer for the Lord Departed

“We pray for thine keeping, oh Lord, and we honour your Promise

Celebrating the light, as we remember your quest to vanquish The Great Evil

Mighty and splendiferous, the Sun is your Promise and shows us the love you have for the Lady-in-Waiting and your heirs

Bless our hearths, we give thanks our daily meal, the warmth of which is fueled by love

Shine down, so we may bloom and grow. Bloom and grow forever

Your promise is eternal, and we will await our father, oh Lord, forever

We are your vassals, Lord Departed, for you cast away Evil

And we devote our communion in your righteousness, in remembrance of you

Drink ye all of it!”

“When shall you return?”

“When Evil is cast from the world.”

“How must we wait?”

“Ruminate upon the Promise I’ve made to thee.”

For the Promise

“The Promise shines upon us now. How shall we honour it?”

“Sing hymns and fill your hearts with its love.”

Psalm of the Promise

Light of the Promise, eternal
The inspiration of our works
Ray of sunshine, an oath of loyalty
Joy of love that returneth one day


Height of hearts
Swelling with zealous pride
We raise our wounds to this holy star
Hear our praises from afar

Light of the Promise, illuminate
Assuring us of His righteous wrath
Our oaths as strong as yours
The Promise, a loving embrace.


“How shall we honour the Promise ?”

“I shall raise my wounded hand to the sky”

“How shall we ruminate?”

“We shall ruminate upon that whom I left behind”


For the Lady-in-Waiting

“It has been an age, and The Lord Departed has not returned. Who shall pray for he who prays for us?”

“The Lady-in-Waiting will recite The Cynosure”

The Cynosure of the Lady-in-Waiting

1. Swear to your leal lord, in all things. May death come and be welcome, for he shall be honoured as we are honoured by the sacrifice of my love

2. Stand in righteous trust for your King, whom The Lord Departed screams the praises of

3. Commune your soul and drink ye all of it in remembrance of Him

4. Be forthright and honest, and swear upon your Lord & Lady in all things a Promise true

5. Walk in the image of the Lord & Lady, for man should strive toward divinity and not the trickery of devils and beasts

“The Evil lingers. What must be done?”

“My children, you must wait with patience. You are not abandoned.”

“How shall you wait?”

“I shall wait as I watch the Promise fade, and greet the foe, enemy of our Lord Departed. I will guard the night until darkness is no more and we are once more assured of Our Lord’s Promise between us.”


The Leavings of the King’s Dispensary are the most sacrosanct occasions to celebrate the Departure, for assuredly The Lord Departed and the Lady-in-Waiting have Promised us.

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on: October 16, 2020, 04:00:24 AM
The Monomyth

Book I

At the core of every union, there is a
Promise. An oath that is made and sworn -
an offering of wind and breath that can
bind the motions of the body more
fiercely than any shackle of earth or iron.
The First Promise was made betwixt the
Lord and the Lady, when they brought
together our shattered people and united
them. Bereft of serpentine shackles, we
now did look to our own for that which
was familiar yet yearned for - the stern
rule of the Lord, yet also the fair grace
of the Lady. Wrath tempered by mercy,
trust tempered by wisdom; thus was the
law of our lands decreed, and it was good
and sunlit.

Book II

Yet always must come night with the
passing of light, and the world became
wicked. The realm fell into chaos, and there
was much that made men weep. And the
Lord looked upon this misery, and wept -
as all men must when they realise the
solemn burden that is given to them, and
know that they must leave. He came then
unto the Lady, and she bore of him a
child, and that child was the Promise - for
thus are all children a symbol of our
concession to the world.

Book III

And the Lady said unto the Lord, "See
now that you have sworn an oath - and
though you must leave, as all men do in
pursuit of wordly meaning, so too must
you return; for you have made a Promise."

And the Lord Departed his Lady-in-Waiting,
and the Promise stood witness to their
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on: October 17, 2020, 10:16:43 PM
Estaitis Ternion

The First Estate of Trimarchs - Of the clergy, the Trimarchy of Bishops are the temporal representations of the will of the Triune known as the Lord, Lady, and Promise. Bishops govern all matters spiritual, and some matters temporal. In their service are the chaplains and deacons of the Vestry.

The Second Estate of Peers - Bearers of Noblesse Oblige, the Peers are the Lords and Knights that govern all matters temporal, in the name of The King, and some spiritual. In their service are the vassals and retainers of the Peerage. It is good and proper for the most pious Peers to tithe in service of the Vestry. But their piety is shown in their noble deeds.

The Third Estate of Gentry - Well-born and genteel, the Gentry are the blessed servants, merchants, land-owners, vassals, and retainers. Their piety is shown in noble deeds, but also shown in the tithes and taxes they provide to the First and Second.

Peasants and serfs belong to no estate but the land that they keep in the name of their Lord. However, great deeds and piety may elevate one of low status to the Estaitis Ternion.

Unhumans have no place among the estates.
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on: October 17, 2020, 10:18:26 PM
The Virtue of Good

Book I

I. Lo and the Lord Departed was a pious man of goodness and all that is righteous. His goodness was not measured in charitable acts or the bounty of all that he provided, for he despised such things. His goodness was measured in valour, honour, and zealous adherence to his noble oaths. For to be good, in the eyes of the Lord, is not in what we give but the pious deeds we perform.

II. True piety, for the Lady, is not what we can spare downward, to the lesser man, but in what we may sacrifice upward in fealty to those above. For what we give up is a direct reflection of our fealty to the Triune.

III. In the days of the Lord, He ruled with Noblesse Oblige. In His wisdom, all things were governed fairly and the people knew their caste. However, The Great Evil came and tricked his people. They were shown lies of blasphemous gods. They were taught of heretical ways that impressed upon the people of decadent ways beyond the holy order of all things. They were taught the lie of charity for those who would not labour for themselves, and by extension stole from their betters. But worst of all, they were taught to stray from the Divine Image of the Lord & Lady.

IV. The greatest heretics of the age were the Changelings, for they spurned who they were to become bestial and unhuman beyond comprehension. They were and are the avatars of the lies and trickery of other faiths, for in their visage is the lie of their own countenance.

V. The Lord knew of his noble and virtuous duty to defend his land, for He is the epitome of all that is good. For this, he made for the Lady a Promise, which she bore for him. A manifestation of love, and the ultimate example of an oath. This Promise, which are the Peers, was made manifest above the world in remembrance of Him so that we may forever be reminded of the struggle of mankind against impiety.

VI. The Lord thereafter became The Lord Departed, and His Lady became the Lady-in-Waiting. So long as the Lord Departed continued to vanquish evil, His example would serve as the defining of all that is good.

Book II

I. In the days before the Lord, man stood against man, and disputes grew to wanton bloodshed. No honour could be found, and murder was the highest form of justice.

II. When the Lord came to rule, it was He that brought order from the chaos. Out of Noblesse Oblige, he decreed the foundation of honour, from which it stands as the cornerstone of civilization.

III. No more would disputes be settled by way of murder. Men would settle fairly in honourable combat. For in this way, honour was restored.

IV. But He declared, “Take ye warning, those who corrupt my gift. A man without honour cannot win it by combat alone.” The Lord said, “Those that taketh a barb from those that lack will find themselves lacking. Weak men will fight sinful duels. For one must first have honour to assert a defence.”

V. In the days of the Lord, those with honour fought to preserve it, and those without suffered the shame of sin. For only the good and righteous may have honour, and honour is a virtue of the good.

VI. The era of the Lord Departed was marked, once again, by a rise of sinfulness. For man forgot the folly of dueling without honour. A duel is a privilege afforded. It was in these dark days that pious folk came forward and honoured the Lord Departed with the Code Duello.

VII. While fools would abuse the Lord’s Gift, piety became codified, and honour would once again be gained only by men with honour. This was good.

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on: October 23, 2020, 09:36:41 PM
Lord of Lieges

Hear, Lord Departed.
The Lady waiteth.
In thy strong tall voice
mayest thou show daring.

As I call on thee, thou my avenger.
I am thy vassal, thou art my true Lord.
Promise, I call on thee; For thee to heal me.
Bid me, Lord of Lieges, thou my supreme need.

Ever I need thee, chivalrous and great,
o’er all human woe, city of thy heart.
Shield me, Lord Departed.
Ever I need thee,
through ev’ry moment in these rings so wide.

send me noble motives now.
Aid cometh from thee,
to my deepest heart.
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