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on: October 27, 2020, 12:15:02 PM
After a day of scandal, murder and mutilation a voice calls out

[A calm almost serene voice] Loyal subjects of the King, pray hear me now - this is Lady Aurelia of the Greywoods. I was nigh still asleep when I was met with the terrible consequences of the night's deeds. I awoke to news of shame, indignity and division instigated and spread throughout the ring. And not perpetrated by outsiders alone, no. The failings were manifold and a steep price was paid. I saw with my own eyes a holy woman maimed in sacrifice to abate this ever worsening fall.

Together, we need rest. We need to remember that there is still hope of the dawn's coming. We have a chance to renew ourselves and restore what we lost, to remember who we are, though it takes great pain.

In three days time I shall walk the Path of Shattered Glass in the Promise's name. A barefoot trek from the Peerage Gate through to the Holy Vestry, each step on a blanket of broken glass. As the glass cuts into our flesh, so too do the promises we break and the oaths we fail to keep. The lies we tell. The hopes we cast aside. We are diminished. And we must bear the burdens of our failings and face their truth, before we are cleansed.

For the death I witnessed and the hope I saw crushed, I walk the penitent path. For the Promise's promise and hope of true revelation. Any and all who bear the burden of shame, of regret, and of remorse, I invite to walk this cleaning path with me. Thank you

A mysterious person  helpfully suggested taking up gardening instead
Greenmask of Willowgrove
[A slow exhale and the clattering of reeds] And they call we uncivilized? It is the petulant child that looks on the horrors of the world and thinks pulling its hair, throwing tantrum, spitting, and screaming brings remedy. Channel your guilt into something productive if you wish to bleed and suffer. Plant a garden, the steadings are ripe for it.

Another rings with condemnation. Perhaps the broken glass represents the poor?
Knave of 99, Copper Faced
Nothing grows in the steading except a crop of pain. No one rules in the Peerage except a gang of children. Grandfather's design is a mercy you lordlings and pretenders don't deserve. Let there be justice for the honest, hardworkin' folk you trample on. Justice, I say, for Tickertowne.
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