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on: November 03, 2020, 08:25:51 PM
[This notice is tacked up at the front of the Alledha's Way property]
The Delvers of the Deep Rings offer many items. Here, a selection of some of our more unusual, but less portable wares.
- A club of great force (//+1d4 Bludgeoning)
- A Breastplate for any battlerager (//5/2, +1 AC, 5% physical DI 5% Cold DI)
- A Mithril haubergeon (//4/4, -20% spellfail, +2 Electric saves)
- A masterwork battlestaff (//Quarterstaff, +2 Acid damage, Acid Flask 1/day Summon 1 1/day Bonus Feat: Ambidexterity)