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on: November 01, 2020, 08:28:33 AM
True Knights of the Peerage: their actual lives.

Ser Adrian Winespill: By all accounts a two-faced man-whore whose sticky fingers reached into every cookie jar in the Peerage . Originally a bastard and rat-catcher who blackmailed his way into the Vale, Adrian earned his knighthood by prying into the secrets of the peers and depositing them in the ears of his better-bred brothers, and by sending his trained ape Errilam at anyone perceived as a threat to House Velstra . Said to have driven no less than three wives to suicide.

Ser Errilam Winespill: A war criminal and Awoken fugitive who conned his way into a marriage with the unfortunate Emily Winespill by robbing a manticore from ringrunners and offering it to her . Making his fortune by playing second fiddle to his manipulative brother-in-law Adrian, Errilam quickly became notorious for his brutality, his drinking, his monstrous obesity, his abusing and openly cheating on his wife, and his absolute immorality . It is said that Lord Norbert decided to knight him as a joke on the Peerage, an expression of Norbert's disregard for its ancient values and traditions . Universally reviled, Ser Errilam met his fate when his long-suffering wife Emily engineered his death at the hands of the Arbiters of the 100 Scrolls . Initially to be executed by hanging, Ser Errilam was so heavy from blubber that the rope around his neck snapped, and the Arbiters opted to burn him instead . His body contained such copious amounts of fat that the fire burned for three days and three nights straight.

Dame Eryeth Cotte: A teenager with a twisted mind, Eryeth Cotte became High Thaumaturge after seducing Lady Nadia Nephezar, and then a knight after seducing Lord Nicodemus Nephezar . Often shutting herself in her room in the Refuge for weeks and months at a time, she only emerged to indulge her gambling addiction at the Spinning Groat Casino . It is said she was enamorated with Ser Adrian, as the two shared in common a love for political scheming, but when he spurned her advances, Dame Eryeth took her revenge by scandalously corrupting Ser Adrian's wife, an Orzan retainer, a feat for which she remains best known today.

Ser Jouvander Vindascas: A sellsword whose greatest sale was the lie that it was he who slew Solomon Krown and ended Lord Freward's reign over Ticker Square . This valor rightly belonged to House Velstra, but as Velstrans have no credibility, Jouvander got away with it and was knighted for his audacity . His only accomplishment as a Knight was widowing Lady Niven Vindascas.

Dame Eleleth Einhardt: A mentally ill peasant girl from the Steadings, Eleleth spent her first Tournament cowering in the Refuge, until her betters forced her to fight, and fortunately for her she got very lucky . Having defeated the Champion of Nothing, since then, ironically, she has accomplished precisely nothing - a state of affairs which appears unlikely to ever change.
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