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on: November 12, 2020, 09:31:06 PM
to help the steadings relief efort and put our storage room in order, house glitt will be organizing an AUCTION whose benefits will all go for our hungry people. it's simple. i will write down everything that's for sale, with a starting price, and interested people will bid for the stuff. higuest price gets the item after a few days without further ofers.

here's the list:

- sahuagin trident: a really powerful trident. the more you fight with it, the more you want to fight, so you gota be glad it's so powerful. only problem: it's a relic, that means only priests can use it. 300 coins.

//Sahuagin Duelist's Trident. Relic (War, Water). Min cleric level 5, max spell circle 2,  +2 Deflection AC, +1 AB, +2 Cold Dammage, Bonus Feat: Dodge, Improved Saving Throws: Fear +2, Massive Criticals: 1d8 dammage, +2 Discipline, +3 Intimidate, Barkskin 1/Day.

- scout longshaft glaive: it's good for scouting, but really it's just as good for hacking also. 200 coins.

//+1 Piercing dammage, +1 to Hide, Move Silently, Intimidate, +2 tumble, Massive Criticals 1d4

- badass breastplate: the word badass is actually written on the armor. what more needs to be said? 300 coins.

//+1 AC, +1 to Discipline, Taunt, Intimidate

- helm of the knight sanctis: this, along with the armor, can only be worn by the most uptight paladins. it only works with the coresponding armor. not sure if any more items are needed but incidentaly we hapen to have the armor too! you can try them on to be sure.

//+ 1 Deflection AC, +1 to saving throws vs Death, +1 to Will, Remove Fear, Searing Light 1/Day

- armor of the knight sanctis: it's a masterwork FULL PLATE. the two items are 800 coins.

// +1 to Will Saving Throws, +2 to Discipline, Cure Serious Wounds 1/Day

- helm of young ice: you can only wear it alongside an armor (which we also incidentaly hapen to have) and it will melt over time. i know, not great, but it allows you to breathe cold like a freaking dragon once a day. isn't it great??

//+2 to concentration, Dragon Breath: Cold 1/Day

- plate of young ice: also a full plate. 200 coins for the two items.

//Damage Reduction: +1 soak 5 Damage, 10/ Cold Resist, IMproved Saving Throws: Cold +3, On Hit: Freeze, +2 to Discipline, Balagarn's Iron Horn 1 /Day

age of night casque, damaged: a darm armor which is part of set again, but don't have the helm this time. there is some nonsense about some children of the night inscribed on it that i won't even bother to write down. 100 coins.

//-1 to Deflection AC, +1 to Fortitude, +2 to Discipline, Shadow Conjuration 1/Day

feral orc cleaver: nope, it doesn't cut a lot more than usual, but it makes you look like someone who isn't to be messed with, and it got some minor magic. 100 coins.

// Massive Criticals 1d4, +2 to Death Saving Throws, +2 to Fear, +2 to Intimidate

devilskin chains: chains made from the hides of dead devils. i repeat: DEAD devils. they are DEAD. that is, they can't be sumoned, can't make pacts with the owner, can't help you in any way. they protect from fire, and give you a no-nonsense look too. 200 coins.

// Fire Resistance 5/ , +1 to Intimidate

iron nails lieutenant's jerkin: made of rat-hide, but who cares? it protects just the same than another material, and it got some magics too. 200 coins.

//+1 to Fortitude, Will, +2 to Hide, Move Silently, Intimidate, Blood Frenzy 5 charges.

ranger's blade: a pretty good weapon for hunters of animals and hunters of everythign scaley. 300 coins.

//+1 AB vs Animal, Reptilian, Magic Weapon 4 charges, OUB: Ranger

worn cape of the purple unicorn: not only there is a fancy purple-pink unicorn emblazed upon it, but it's magical too! 200 coins.

//+1 to Deflection AC, -2 to Intimidate, Charm Person or Animal 1/Day, Color Spray 10 charges.

violet charm: a prety dress, but seems it's a relic that can only be worn by women. 200 coins.

//Type: Charm, Max Spell Circle: 4, Min Cleric Level: 5, Damage Reduction +1 Soak 5 Damage, +1Charisma, +2 to Bluff, Persuade, Charm Person, Eagle's Splendor 1/Day

ruined mystic's blade: well, it may be ruined, but it got some magic. and it's cheap like everything else. you sure you don't want it? 100 coins.

// Bonus Feat: Spell Penetration, +1 Magical Damage, Damage Penalty -3, Additional Property: Unknown, OUB: Fighter, Monk

mercenary's heavy shaska: a weird blade, but a nasty one. 100 coins.

// +1 Slashing Damage, +1 Fear Saving Throw, +1 to Discipline.

peerage family heirloom: a sword great for fighting the sibilants, but only humans can use it. 300 coins.

//+1 AB vs Reptilians, Additional Property: Unknown

old greywhood helm: it has some magic that allows you to see better, and see in magical darkness as if it wasn't there. 100 coins.

//+1 to Concentration, Spot, Ultravision 1/Day

morgul short spear. it alows you to hide a bit better, which may be great, but it's also permanently coated in acid, which is really great. 200 coins.

//+1 to Hide, +1 Acid Damage.

if you want to see or buy an item, ring the glit bell.


A large space is left under the list for the possible offers that may be forthcoming...
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