Author Topic: Godric Uharad's Tightly Bound Journal  (Read 95 times)

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on: November 23, 2020, 02:09:45 PM
Aunt Liza,

The past few days have been filled with excitement, pride, and belonging.  I have been inducted into House Nephezar as a Retainer Thaumaturge.  Can you believe it?  A Thaumaturge within the Refuge tested my blood.  And, guess what!?  He was so impressed with it!  Said my blood was impressive and filled with promise!   You always told me that I was “special” and had “heavenly” gifts.  I never thought this could be possible.  Perhaps being in such an ancient house filled with the gifted blood of the heavens, that I could truly learn about the powers within me?  The Lord and Lady could only know.

Yet, I must also relay to you that all the glory I have felt these past few days, have been dampened.  I have made a few friends within House Glitt.  Fine Retainers you shall every come to know!  Bad Tom, Dougal, others.  Well, they were slaughtered at the hands of Knaves in response to something terrible done by a Retainer of House Nephezar.   They were fine men.  Very warm and welcoming.  I will miss them terribly. 

Remember those old blades?  The ones left with me on your doorstep?  I know they are not much to look at, but I am seeking to employ a smith to see them adjoined.  Wouldn't that be something to look at over the fireplace?

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