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on: January 02, 2021, 12:35:17 PM
Hello EFU,

There are two opportunities for upcoming preludes that players can take part in.

As usual, if you are playing an active PC, you should not quit them to join a prelude. If your PC is below level 7, younger than 2 months, and not involved in any active conflict, then you may submit an application for the preludes.

You may submit an application for both preludes if you wish. If you do so, you should include both applications in the same ticket, separated by a line _______ or dash --------- sequence.

Successful applicants will be contacted as a group to arrange a suitable prelude date.

EU timezone players may be preferred due to my own availability, but Americans or Asian players should feel free to apply also.

These preludes are high-conflict, and you should not anticipate a particularly long lifespan. On the other hand, you will start with a higher power level than normal for new PCs and may have access to other perks to help level the playing field.

Prelude One: Cloven Vengeance

The hated softskins have robbed us of our savage power. They have shattered our stones, and broken our spirit, and cast us out to the furthest rings. It falls upon you now to restore our ancient power - gather the lost fragments of the Great Herdstone, and bring them to our sacred place. Our vengeance shall be absolute, and through the power of the herdstone we shall lay waste to the dominion of men.

CLASS: Monk banned
ROLE: Monster, hostile to most/all PCs

Base race: Human
Stat changes: +2 STR, +2 CON, -2 INT, -2 CHA
Saving throws: +1 Fortitude
Racial type: Monstrous Humanoid
Misc bonus: +10% movement speed, Quick to Master (from Human base), +1 feat (from Human base)
Alignment: Evil
ECL: +1

Prelude Two: Sanguine Dawn

He speaks to us in our dreams. We hear him. He has returned from beyond the veil of death. He is more than a God - he is the master of all things between heaven and earth. We are his devoted, we are his chosen. We shall give of ourselves unto him, and unto him shall be given those he desires.

CLASS: Wizard banned, Druid banned
ROLE: Cultist, hostile to many PCs
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on: January 06, 2021, 02:36:45 PM
The window of opportunity to participate in these preludes is closing Friday. If you wish to participate, please submit an app by Saturday.