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on: January 13, 2021, 05:57:12 AM
Okay bear with me since I know like nothing about the NWN summoning and etc haha, and Dillusionist and I did some low tier brainstorming on things that could fix it but nothing has worked.

Einherjar being alignment based is cool as hell, but it seems there's a visual bug or a bug when the actual model transitions in with the Evil Einherjar being brought into the area since the EE stuff. I've seen folks IG using the card deck for the non-evil summons with no issue both on my end or theirs.

However with my PC using the war theme currently when I summon the Evil Einherjar there's some kind of graphical bug. In the area I summon it there's the summon VFX and the sound and the NPC Name and etc but no existing summon visually but mechanically it exists. It takes voice commands and I can point it at targets via the Portrait in my party, usual summon stuff it's just not there. Same thing happens sometimes with the Muckboy NPCs I think?

However if I summon it and then transition - it appears fully and fine as if there was nothing wrong with it.

In testing it with other PCs they've said they don't see the summon, we transition to a new area, and then we can both see it 100% fine.

Here's a Transition Example link with one screen from at the point of summoning, no body, then transitioning and there's a body.

Tried it again with every tier I could, tried summoning multiples, same thing every time - The area i'm in no model, I transition to new area there's a horde.

PC is Gor'tam Kahzar
GSID RwGhengis
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