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on: April 04, 2021, 09:53:56 PM
Upon the Crescent Dawn, Lord's Fury Hath Wrought

Chronicled by the Holy Chapter of Rhenaios
Lictor of the Lord Departed

The Three Commandments of a Faithful Cowl
1. Thou Shalt Not Lie
2. Thou Shalt Wield God's Hand & His Heart
3. Thou Shalt Judge the Wicked & Protect the Innocent

The Genesis of our dear Lord Departed;

Upon hills and mountains, there was a Lord,
Beneath the moon that smiled, was his Lady.

The Lord bid the moon this gift, and to the Lady,
Task was bereft.

We know the Lord to be merciful, so slight upon His station forgiven,
And thou could not resist the innocence and beauty of the Lady-in-Waiting.

For many candle eons, the Lord & Lady loved one another,
The Lady said it to be true, His grace so great,
And for ere long the city felt decay.

It was then long, the Lord would look on in misery as his heart shattered and his kingdom of gold brought to ruin,
At the hands of a thorn tree, so prickly, the Lord said prithee, my love, how could you?
The Lady, so innocent, was now what the Lord saw as tragedy beheld in full.
For the Lady's heart never would stop weeping,
For another held it before Him.

And now, she once again falls to his temptations.
His clutch so foul.
The Lord weeps, too; forlorn and longing.
We his Faithful, do we vow; to see the ascendant come forth and reap what is sown.

So does the Lord will it. Our dearly devoted God Departed, the Golden City awaits.


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on: April 06, 2021, 01:23:15 AM

Marwyn the Martyr

"And so the Lord looked upon this city in misery, and he wept as all men weep when  they know they must depart from this world."

The first man whose name shall ring this chapter and this holy charge, we shall remember Marwyn the Matyr a saint in the eyes of the Lord Departed and his faithful.

Never did he flee from battle nor the oath he took; in life, known as Marwyn the Kind. Bled and beaten by Knave, his knees did not waver;

For it took a noose to break him. Yet he was not broken. His last words shall forever fuel the undying flame of the Lady & the Lord. As the machinations of the Nothing and the Lie take hold of our dearly devoted Golden City, we rise. We fight.

Quote from: Marwyn the Martyr
'Long Live Adela Nephezar,
 Lictor Torncloak,
and may they achieve their goals
under the Tattered Banner of the Kings' Cowls.'