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on: September 04, 2021, 06:33:33 PM
Dealmaker Sloan

Surface concepts associated with Dealmaker Sloan: Imbalance, Excess, Self-indulgence, Re-alignment, Wealth, Greed.
Reverse concepts associated with Dealmaker Sloan: Balance, Moderation, Patience, Purpose.

Guild member Sloan Ulfkhur (Later Sloan Uld) started life from extremely humble beginnings, raised among the tenements of Ticker square he came to the forefront with the founding of "Sloan Enterprises". What would begin as a rather simple mercantile endeavour would turn into something great - a huge, sprawling business empire which would grant Sloan the status as guild member of the merchants guild and eventually - with an expansion into mercenary forces - the contract of protection over ticker square with his men: "The Groat Cloaks".

This is not to say that Ancestor Sloan was a good dwarf. His greed was unchallenged in its proportions and other missives - such as his opinions on "Child Labour" - painted him as a dwarf with his mind on his purse, not on his people. This was further reinforced when he was dubbed "Sloan the Coward" for abandoning the Groatcloaks in an attack on a temple dedicated to the 9-faced god. There was also some controversy when he claimed to be an estranged child of the local cheese Baron, a descendant of the line of Uld themselves, though it is unclear if this connection was ever confirmed or denied before the Cheese-Barons death at the hands of the Knaves.

Not all dwarves are warriors, however. When, in his final days, Orza captured and coerced Sloan (and the Groat Cloaks) into service to their malevolent house in an attempt to take control over Ticker Square, this was the spark which lit the powder keg. Sloan, in a moment of exceptional courage, called to his men to cut the invading Orzans down and secure Ticker Square - upholding the contract of protection he had been awarded and putting his own life in extreme peril in the process. The battle was bloody, soaking the streets of Ticker, but in the end some few Groat Cloaks remained standing, while the Orzans were dead and defeated. Sloan, for his part, fought valiantly but was also killed in the ensuing battle.

Sloan's tale is one of caution, of the folly of greed and the vices excess that it introduces (Especially when it comes to the value of a life.) but also that in the end it is never too late to do right by people if you're strong enough to make that call.
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on: September 05, 2021, 12:25:45 PM
The Khazuuk-Uld

Surface concepts associated with The Khazuuk-Uld: The Shadow-Self, Attachments, Addictions, Restriction, Corruption of Purpose.
Reverse concepts associated with The Khazuuk-Uld: Releasing limiting belief's, exploring dark thoughts, detachment, apathy.

Once, a hidden secret, a shame of our people kept hidden and sealed away beneath the bulwark - now brought to the forefront of knowledge following the rise of the black mountain, the Khazuuk-Uld are the worst of us.
The Khazuuk-Uld are what remains of the Dwarves of Khoral-Duun who did not seek to leave during the Exodus, or stand with the Uld in their long vigil. They are its people. Its children. Its lords and its ladies who had committed to excess, to greed, to acts of indescribable depravity and madness.

Not a true ancestor by any measure, instead The Khazuuk-Uld are here represent the darkness that lies within all Dwarves. This is the temptation of greed and power that lingers within the hearts of all, Dwarf, Man and Elf. It is a reminder that we must overpower that, to stand firm and stoic in the face of the darkness both within and without and be unfaltering in our Vigil, broker no concessions and give not an inch, or else they will take it all, piece by piece.

In drawing this card, the person is marked by the long shadow of the setting sun. They should be watched for negative influences, encouraged and guided back to the proper path, lest they stray too far and be forever lost.
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on: September 05, 2021, 01:40:43 PM
The Black Mountain

Surface concepts associated with The Black Mountain: Disaster, Great change or upheaval, Chaos, Revelations, An Awakening.
Reverse concepts associated with The Black Mountain: Personal Transformations, fear of change, averting disaster.

Ring 94. Silverpeak. Khoral'Duun. The Bulwark. Now the Black Mountain.
All names for what is by large the same thing: Our Home.

It is believed that in the first or second age of this city, the mountains of what would become ring 94 were raised up from the ground by the great Magus Alledha Amastacia for reasons of her own. Within it she constructed a great astrolabe, her sanctuary - but  these mountains also contained a secret. A weapon? A Failure? - the truth no longer matters but that  she bound and contained it within an ingenious device which was itself locked by a curious object called the palm stone.
In the third and final age of this city, long after the sealing of the city-tomb of Khoral'Duun (with the Bulwark atop as its gravestone) did war come to ring 94 once more as the unholy, ring-breaking evil of the count lay at their doorstep.

The Count sent a ruby with his terms to the Uld:  Bow down in subjugation or lie down in death.

In those final hours, many things happened.
The Wizards of the Warrens of 93, Craven in their pursuit of self-preservation, aligned to destroy ring 94. Previously allied with the dwarves, a betrayal from within their own ranks saw confusion and a break-down of communication. The apprentices fell that day, one master would flee, one master would die, one master would defect, joining the count. The Witch Apprentice Morvoren would witness.
The Human house of Orza sent their warriors in pursuit of the palm-stone would come in to try and force their will upon 94 and take  the weapon and its power for themselves. For their hubris, they were beaten down.
The youngest of Uld, who had been tasked with securing the weapon, did so, with the aid of the mad cult of the Malagori, their once enemies.

Together did 8 Descend into the sanctum of Amastacia, 5 of Uld,1 of Orza and 2 others, within the palm-stone reforged from its constituent parts.

Despite his threats however, the count did not turn the Drill on the Bulwark that day and instead, put it to the very mountains themselves, forging a path through to the ring door of 93.  The young dwarves of Uld however? They knew not of this change of plans and still anticipated  this threat the count presented direct to their home, so The Uld made a pact with Orza, an agreement to see the palm-stone destroyed, tossed into the magma and destroyed, but it was to be a trap, Orza ambushed their would-be allies without a word, only to fail. A last minute alliance, in expectation of this treachery, with the cultists of Malagori, led to their defeat and only scant few would enter the chamber of the weapon and witness those final moments.

Of those that stepped beneath, only the following stepped into the final, hellish chamber of the weapon beneath 94:

Shaper Figan Uld.
Ran Uld.
Rod the Red Of the Malagori
Lady Orza.
And the Witch Morvoren and her Master

It was the mission  expected of Shaper Figan Uld, that even at the cost of his own life, he was to see the palm stone tossed into the magma of the mountain and forever destroyed.
What occurred within that chamber is less known, only that he failed in this mission, yet escaped from the ensuing devastation with his life, only to be slain by Guardian Ulthgrim Uld for his failure that day.

It may, perhaps, be never known the truth of how this failure truly occurred… be it madness, folly, or wizardry. The truth is, that it is the accumulation of failures of both dwarf and man that led us to this point, after the Count's wretched hand lit the spark which began it all.


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on: September 13, 2021, 02:01:26 PM
Smith-Priest Bergron

Surface concepts associated with Smith-Priest Bergron:  Hope, Faith, Purpose, Renewal, Spirituality, Forethought.
Reverse concepts associated with Smith Priest Bergron: Lack of Faith, Despair, Self-Trust, Disconnection, Lack of Forethought.

Pray for Peace. Prepare for War.  An Old Adage, but a fitting one.
In winters past, when war came to the ring of 99 from out-ring, it came in the form of the Copper Torcs: A band of tribes from hundreds of rings out who had gathered under the banner of one man: Euric Freward who, blaming Ticker square for the rise of the "Nothing" out ring (which had destroyed their homes) Their initial assault was devastating, outriders pillaging and sapping at ticker-squares defences ahead of the main host tore holes in tickers defences and killed many of its citizens.

It is here that the tale of Bergron Stoneforge takes shape. A leader among dwarves, a strict adherent to the ancestors and a mighty warrior in his own right: Bergron Stoneforge was blessed by the ancestors many times over. In defence of ticker, he was shrewd and ruthless, they turned the headquarters of the stone builders into bunker and filled it with supplies, dwarves and men: It would become a place for the unsuited for battle to shelter against the coming storm.
He claimed the temple of Ticker and turned it into a shrine for the ancestors, dedicating it in their honour and bringing to his cause many more stout-folk in defence of their home.
He counted the Greystone mercenary company and outfitted its members in the finest of dwarven equipment, readying them for the storm ahead.
Through deed and defiance, he came also to claim great relics of the ancestors: The Hammer of the First flame,  a smiths tool from the first age of the city it was imbued with great power, capable of smithing the mightiest of weapons and armour it was a tool to harness the great power of change and The Weight of Destiny, the first forged weapon of the legendary warrior-smith Kurgali Boneshatter and which had been passed down from generation to generation among great dwarven warriors. Ancestor to ancestor it crushed with the weight of the great deeds it had been used for.

While it was his hope in his days to come that the wealth and strength they accumulated would not only save ticker square, but allow him and his companions the means to find old, forgotten dwarven holds and restore them to life as a home for our people, this was sadly not to be.
He and his Dwarves set out before the final battle for ticker square to face off against a creature - the Mantis Queen - of the Copper Torcs. An awful creature of twisted bug-spawn and a worthwhile target to remove before the coming war.

Unfortunately, this was not to be.

Bergron Died that day after dealing the wicked creature a telling blow and giving his comrades time to destroy it completely, but not before he himself passed away.

We remember Bergron as a leader of dwarves, a visionary of the dwarven way and blessed in the eyes of the Ancestors. A true light of hope in the darkest of hours.
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on: September 13, 2021, 03:12:05 PM
Kraten's Shattered Mirror

Surface concepts associated with Kraten's Shattered Mirror:  Overcoming: Fear, Anxiety, Illusion. Subconscious thought, Intuition, Divination.
Reverse concepts associated with Kraten's Shattered Mirror:  Release of Fear, repressed emotion, inner confusion/turmoil.

My personal patron Ancestor, Kraten is the patron of Divination - of breaking the grand illusion and conquering your inner demons.

Kraten lived at the end of the second age, following the sins of the old masters and all the dark deeds they brought with them. It was a time of great recovery from years of economic and cultural strain that slavery under the lizards had caused. It had destroyed the numbers of our people and ravaged their homes. Furthermore, it was a time of great hardship and while many a dwarf toiled for the betterment of their kin, not all were as community minded and under such hardship it became an enticing thought to take, rather than build.

Kraten, a child saved from slavery at the hands of the old masters, had never known anything but long days and hard work. Stone is cut, shaped, smoothed. Tunnels dug, supported and then excavated. Pack animals tended, groomed, cleaned. A great many works, a great many jobs, all for the value of community but none which she truly enjoyed or felt that calling that so many dwarves seemed to, towards a particular aspect of life beneath the mountain.
It was during this time that an unnamed suitor apparently took notice in her and one eve she would receive a gift - a masterpiece of a hand mirror, solid gold set with countless pristine gemstones each perfectly placed. When she gazed into it, it made her appear more beautiful than she had ever considered herself.

She would gaze into it, day and night, enraptured, as soon it began to show her other things. Other dwarves. The wealth they had hidden away - the stolen gemstones and jewels, the mountains of coin, and it urged her time and again: Take it. Make it yours. It is yours. It belongs to you. Initially disturbed by the urgings, she would continue her work, but discontent mounted and slowly the mirror's requests seemed small by comparison to another day's hard work. It was then, that under the dark light of the moon she would sneak out to raid a rival clan's stash, mirror in hand. It was then that she saw it. Invisible under the light of the sun, but illuminated in a beam of moonlight, did she see it, slithering and shimmering beneath the glass of the mirror did a shadow stalk.

Repulsed by this revelation, she threw the mirror upon a stone and shattered it, revealing a bright conflagration of light and illusion with the shattered pieces reflecting a myriad of lies and half-truths that the mirror had told her. Her fellow dwarves were not hiding their wealth away, concealing it from their kin - they were in the same position as her. They held the same hopes and dreams of something better but knew within them that this doubt had no place in a community of dwarves who had suffered as the Dwarves had, they worked hard because if they did not then their culture might die and the ancestors lost.

With this revelation, she looked upon the shattered mirror once more and watched as it wept a black, viscous fluid from beneath the cracks of the glass. Silent now, it was no less a potent tool for her now that the ill influence inhabiting it had been destroyed.
She would become first among dwarven seers, first names among those of the prophetic arts, a field she would truly surpass in.

It is known to this day that divinations invoking Kraten remain most strong when done under direct moonlight and, where possible utilising either a shattered mirror or a "Sky Mirror" - moonlight upon the surface of a still lake, though many other means of divination exist outside this, such as divining the cards as discussed within this tome.
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on: September 13, 2021, 11:19:17 PM
Boar Noblestout

Surface concepts associated with Boar Noblestout: Positivity, Fun, Warmth, Success, Vitality
Reverse concepts associated with Boar Noblestout: The Inner Child, Depression, Excessive optimism, Cowardice.

With thanks to Boar, that in the time he was with us, he left behind for us the tale of his ancestors that it might be remembered (A reference is left here for another piece of writing:

To Summarize: The Noblestout line had been known for long within the halls of The Kiln, their home, as master artisans of the brew masters art, serving nobles and Kings with their finely crafted brews which could, legend has it, reverse the process of ageing and bequeath upon its avid drinkers the secret of eternal life. So too, in this time would his family rise to prominence and be showered in gifts both masterwork and magical, but it would not last. The brew would find itself to be a double-edged sword, which led his once prosperous people into a life of luxury and sedentary nature. In this, they would neglect their works and roles, the maintenance of their home and darkest hour its defence. It was then, that a green tide of orcs, goblins and other ill-skinned creatures would descend upon their home and ravage it for all it had.

Boar Noblestout was the only survivor of the Kiln's demise and, with the Secret of Noblestout long-lost to time and memory, he set out into the rings of 99 and beyond to try and recreate it. In the high hills of the Silverspire peaks did he find a dwarven home much like his own, and it was here he collected herbs and ingredients similar to his own home, with aspirations of remaking the fabled brew. It is said that with it - and the aid of one of his own ancestors - he succeeded in producing a magical Keg of Ale, ever full which he would carry about with him on his travels, dispensing the vigorous ales (as well as, some say, some fantastic meals) to the friends with which he shared the road.

And he would share the road with many -- the "Tears of Blood". A set of ring runners and pioneers seeking to breach the deeper rings and find what lay for them there.

Throughout these Journeys he would be assailed time and again by a leader of the green sea - one "Githrax" a vile goblin ring runner determined to consume the flesh of infant dwarves and who hunted Boar across many a ring. It is unclear to this day if the creature was eventually felled, or if it and its misbegotten progeny haunt the rings yet.

It is unfortunately upon this road he would die. Many cycles after their journey began, the tears of blood would falter and die upon the challenges of the deeper rings. Boar, having set off with the intent of bringing his wondrous brew to the Keep of the King for him to  enjoy fell as so many others had before him.

Boar is remembered by many as a kind, light-hearted individual who was caring, giving and protective of his friends. His death left a hole in the heart of many.
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on: September 14, 2021, 08:13:19 PM
Angvald's Glory

Surface concepts associated with Angvald's Glory: Persistence. Rebirth. Inner calling, Absolution, Judgement.
Reverse concepts associated with Angvald's Glory:  Self-Doubt, Inner Critic, Ignoring the call, Surrender.

Warrior of a thousand scars, Lord of Lightning, Captain of the Greycloak Mercenaries, Ring runner extraordinaire, Member of the Truthseekers, Stone builder Warden, Scholar, Author,  Fiercely loyal companion. Friend.

Angvald is perhaps the most true and most deserving dwarven ancestor of our generation. His acts and actions are legendary, the number of fights he survived? Immense.
Truly, his is a tale where the legends and myths meld into fact in a way that become truly difficult to parse the legend from the dwarf.

When the old masters threatened resurgence with the eye of the serpent, Angvald stepped up, and he rallied the stone builders and mercenaries alike to his cause, personally attending to slay third scale "Specialist" Sithra in service to the dread necromancer Szka'Zul.
When the Stonebuilders saw the city was in pain, dying,  he gathered people to his banner who could help him.
When the world asked why?  He wrote them the reasons, clear as he could so that all would know the truth, books of knowledge, books of skill, telling the truth of the rings for those that would come later.
When the truth was obscured, he shone light to it. When it was unclear, he deciphered it, he walked with seekers of truth and turned over every rock and stone to find what was hidden.
When the world clashed against him, lashing out in anger at his truth, he led the charge fearlessly against them.
When the threats of the world threatened to overwhelm him, as wounds mounted and any other dwarf would stand back in caution, Angvald stood upon the precipice of the abyss, took the injuries - thousands of them - and continued to march on.

And finally, when there were no more secrets to find, no more stories to tell, no more wars to fight, he set inwards, deeper than anyone has ever gone. While it can perhaps never be proven (Given none who have passed particularly deep into the rings have ever returned) it is widely believed that he reached the centre of the city. What he found there? Well that is a secret between the King and Him, no other.

Among his other achievements:
Sealing a fire seam that opened up in ring 97 and threatened to consume it.
Entering a seam to the lower planes and personally destroying a Demon-spider Bebilith.
Entering a seam to track down the source of plague-creature infestation coming from the inner rings.
(Briefly) "Negotiated" peace with the troll tribes (Who promptly broke the peace by destroying a caravan in celebration)
Aided Planar wanderers in supporting the tribes of Tehoto in purging an infestation of the Nothing.
Aided in the slaying of the Rakshasa Lord Ib'Javi.
Defeated the great werewolf Greymane, once werewolf lord of Grey Keep by using the keep's catapults to launch himself at the creature.
Met with and fought off the first envoys of the Copper Torcs with their hostile intentions.

Angvald is respected for a thousand, thousand reasons. He is a dwarf that all others should aspire to be.

So, for him, we raise not a glass, but a whole damned keg and toast once more:

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on: September 15, 2021, 12:31:19 PM
Bomor of the Cave

Surface concepts associated with Bomor of the Cave: Completion, Integration, Accomplishment, Travel
Reverse concepts associated with Bomor of the Cave: Seeking personal closure, shortcuts, delays.

Bomor of the Cave is an ancestor of true legend.

Living in the second age of the city, Bomor was a talented worker, a slave of the Sibilant Empire - a stone worker - who toiled night and day digging their tunnels and building their awful ziggurats.
It was during this time and his work that he happened upon a tablet - what would later be identified as the Lexicon - a great block of stone inscribed with innumerable complex petroglyphs of an ancient language impossible to decipher - but at a glance, Bomor understood. It was not known to him how this was the case, but Bomor understood the value of the lexicon, and it's meaning.

It was perhaps a blessing of the ancestors, or perhaps of the Slumbering King, but Bomor knew, and a spark had been lit.

Bomor would be the first to break his chains, inciting rebellion among the massed slaves of the old masters and, as an ascetic priest of the ancestors he would lead them on the charge to freedom, sparking the fires of change which would, one day, culminate on the raising of the ring walls and the end of much of the Sibilant Empire's evil.

Much of his history is unfortunately lost and currently awaits rediscovery, but it is known that he stood as first of the Line of Uld, First of the Organization of Stonebuilders and First of the Architects of the city, Member of the Daring Swords.
Beyond this, there is much speculation:
That Bomor built the rings, rose the king's own keep at the centre of the city.
That Bomor stands now atop the Architects still as their leader.
That Bomor's acetic lifestyle by day, but penchant for feasting and revelry by night is the very reason for the Velstran endless feast, that he might partake of it anytime he was able.

I hope to learn more of Bomor's deeds in the days to come and shall, with fortune, amend this tome when such becomes available to me.


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on: September 15, 2021, 03:18:23 PM
Notes from the Author

Are we all worthy to be Ancestors, or simply the greatest among us? - Perhaps.
Aer we all worthy of memory, that our simple struggles and little lives do not flicker away like a candle in the wind? - Absolutely.

It is my firm belief that those of us dwarves who remain must lead by example. When we step forward we do not simply walk ahead, but we leave the path for those who would come after us and in doing so we create the road that our people can walk to their salvation, if not greatness.

Certainly some have deviated. Some have become embroiled in wars, death, depravity and greed, but we are so few now. Our numbers dwindle and while some new Awoken do join us it pains me greatly to see so few new faces and names of those I would call Kin.

So Brother embrace brother. Sister embrace sister. Together we will forge forward the path to a better tomorrow. The hours will be long but fulfilling is the work and we are nothing without each other.

Forget not those who come before. Forget not those who would fall beside you. Your memory keeps them alive.

Let none ever forget.