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on: October 30, 2021, 07:15:03 AM

Fey's True Name : 7777 groats

1 - The Seller (Oliver Klitch) takes no responsibility for the consequences of utterance of the true name.

2 - The Buyer takes all responsibility for the consequences of utterance of the true name.

3 - All disagreements regarding the terms of this contract are to be arbitrated by a neutral third party, to be chosen by a lottery of volunteers.

4 - The Owner of the true name may at any time rescind permission for use of the true name from The Buyer or The Seller through written and signed notice.

5 - Penalties for breach of contract will be extracted from the offender's mouth beginning from the molars inward. No more than one penalty may be applied per day per offense.

6 - The Buyer agrees to wear a pink helmet on the 13th night of each lunar month for a duration of at least seven campfires.

7 - The Seller agrees to dispose of any cold iron in their possession prior to parley with fey entities mentioned in this contract, provided that reasonable notice is given before hand.

8 - Volunteers referred to in Section 3 may not be solely composed of fey entities or non-fey entities without the consent of all disagreeing parties.

9 - No refunds.

Oliver Klitch
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